Project 365 | Week 23

This week was probably my least inspired week while participating in Project 365.  My mother had to literally carry my family outside and make me take self-timer photos of us in the front yard.  Last night, the deer ate all my mother’s impatiens leaving the sad little stems withering at the edge of our garden plot.  Funny thing is, just yesterday I learned that deer are the only animals around (squirrels and bunnies) that eat flowers right off the stems.  I wonder what a flower tastes like, I only ate mud pies as a child.

Day 155: 

“She saw something awful in the very simplicity she failed to understand.”
― F. Scott Fitzgerald

All the men in my life have green thumbs so they’ve taken to sharing flowers.  It adds new meaning to the idea of bringing flowers to a date.  These are the gerber daisies from the boy’s front yard to the pot on the side of our house.

Day 156:

The fun Jas and I have with photo booth. Thanks Steve Jobs. Love, Cat Lady’s everywhere.

There are girls in bedrooms that are hyped from the gym and craving eggs, but all they have is cats.

Day 157:

Sunday Church

My mom is a photo-pusher.  She’s an enabler of photo albums, cluttering a house with pictures of people you love, and making my dad and I pose near blue hydrangeas and in our “Sunday best.”

Day 158:

Cupcake Shoppe

Cupcake Shoppe Register

My dear friend Catie and I walked all the way up the giant Glenwood hill for these delectable treats.  I just love the smell of bakeries, and this particular Cupcake Shoppe has my favorite bronze old-time register.  I had a salad for lunch so I decided to just go ahead and coat my nose in buttercream.  My mom sighed and said, “Oh my God, did you eat that this week?” when she saw this photo.  I’m still a rebel at twenty-four.

Day 159:

Jinger’s stampage

Australia: Society of Stamp Counters

“Here’s the mail, it never fails.  It makes me want to wag my tail.  When it comes I want to yell – MAIL!” – Blue’s Clues

Day 160:


Read small printed caption for details.  All this industry and roots still grow.

Day 161:

Laundry Day

Not only does he enjoy climbing into the dryer, but he also likes the feel of warm jeans.  Don’t we all?

Project 365 | Week 12

I think the pictures from this week are some of my favorites.  Then again, doesn’t everyone feel happier in the spring?  Well, unless you have pollen allergies and can’t stand the fog of yellow in the streets.

Day 77 | Hand Painted

I made a new sign for the RR Loft.  I was so excited about it that I took far too many pictures.  Here’s to hoping people notice our small sign and our large 1920’s historical bookshop.

Day 78 | No animals were harmed during the testing of this picture.

My mom has been buying cage free eggs which makes me extremely happy.  I just hope these chickadees got to grow to full maturity before being harvested for their breasts and thighs.

Day 79 | The Little Things

Claire is a lovely blogger, has great penmanship, and writes beautifully (language wise, not script wise).  She’s also my newest pen pal (along with her creative children who drew me these rad pictures and stuffed them into the envelope).  I may have needed help with the french joke on the second picture, but I went to bed smiling.  As you can see I’m hanging them on my board of inspiration. It has photos of the people that I love.

Day 80 | King of the World

If you didn’t think Jasper was arrogant before, you surely believe now.

Day 80.5 | Rain, Rain, Go Away

My mom’s one and only accident (Thank God) was in the rain and I’m always hearing cruise control horror stories involving the rain.  Needless to say, not being able to see the road is one of my big fears.  I got through it, thank goodness, but it was a bit scary and needed photographic evidence at the stop light.

Day 81 | Late Bloomer

My neighborhood is beautifully landscaped.  It’s got the whole nine yards of suburbia; white picket fences, cookie cutter houses, and pale shaded flower blooms.

Day 82 | Blogged

I used these images in a blog.  When I get home after work it’s almost always dark and I like to take photos of the oak tree outside of my window with the street lamp glowing behind it.  These are the images that came of it.  And they worked quite well in my blog from yesterday.

Day 83 | Plant lady

It seems I have quite the green thumb…or my window just gets a lot of light.  My father is letting me garden in his section beside the porch this year and so today I took to planting between rain spurts.  We have corn, broccoli, yellow pepper, red pepper, tomatoes, watermelons, cucumbers and zucchinis.  I also planted lavender because my mother says she loves the smell.  Can’t wait to see if we get to eat, or the squirrels do.