Newsday Tuesday

Favorite Tweets:

Favorite Search Terms:

  • bfg roald dahl monopoly: WHAT! WHERE!  Would the pieces be “BoneCruncher,” GizzardGulper,” and MeatDripper.”  And what about the places: SnozzCumbers Country, FrobScottle Stage, Phizzwizard Land.  How wonderful.
  • man in holden caulfield winter hat: I feel like this is a want-ad on Craigslist (pre-Craigslist-killer era).  Look on e-harmony, hipsters really like to look like Holden Caulfield.
  • cassie hunter gives a boy a terrible clanging: I’m just glad that there are powerful Cassie’s out there.
  • books with “bird” in the title: Ah, so there are others like me.
  • two birds were sitting on a barbwire fence and one had a typewriter and one was eating food, the one said pass the salt: this is a literal google.  (google as verb).  Someone has too much time on their hands.

Book News:

Letters of Note has a letter from Sendek’s editor to a librarian who burned In the Night Kitchen.  Here is Sendek’s obituary in the NY Times and his interview with Fresh Air (NPR) in December.  The wonderful thing about Maurice Sendek is that he was always humble about his art, which makes him even more of a legend.  Thank you Tea & Paper for sharing these links.

Lastly; if you are a follower of this blog from NC, please vote today.  I would particularly like you to vote AGAINST Amendment 1 – The Marriage Amendment because NO ONE should suffer, or be treated unfairly, under the freedom of the US.  If anything, do your research.