Introducing: SPINE IPOETRA: a mini-series of free verse. This process involves various books from my shelf (I’m sure my father is having a canniption just looking at this photo), one smelly cat named after Cheese, and this awful mauve carpeting that the previous owner put in and I can only reconcile by vacuuming obsessively.  I… More SPINE IPOETRA

Swoon-Worthy Bookish Valentine Gift Guide

Create your own flame with this Bookish Valentine Gift Guide The Big-Hearted Book Lover: Top Left: Sitting Elephant Bookends @ WSPA (Pound 16.99) Top Second: Daisy Blue Cotton Journal @ Unicef (Pound 9.95) Top Third: Organic Bag @ Unicef (Pound 19.95) Top Right: Palewa Owl Bookends @ Ten Thousand Villages ($39) Bottom Left: Serene Readers Bookends @ Ten Thousand Villages… More Swoon-Worthy Bookish Valentine Gift Guide

Newsday….Errrrr…. Tuesday: Slacker Edition

Favorite Tweets: Favorite Search Terms: bookshelves with books: Did this really need googling? Book News: Pope Francis Man of the Year at Vanity Fair @ Huff Post The Great American Novel? 9 Experts Share Their Opinions @ The Millions Ode to Haiku @ Thought Catalog Elie Wiesel at Paris Review @ Unabridged Chick Uncommon Language… More Newsday….Errrrr…. Tuesday: Slacker Edition

Newsday Tuesday

Favorite Tweets: Favorite Search Terms: tooth fairy coloring book: I can only imagine a child finding this under their pillow and being upset it isn’t a quarter.   I still think you’re a good parent. hobbit coloring sheets: We’ve got some crayons on the blog recently.  This was too exciting not to post.  How would… More Newsday Tuesday

Project 365 | Week 41

Guys, my blog has been sucking.  Don’t worry, this week there will be book reviews and bookgasms and bookishness.  I’m finally getting used to my schedule of taking classes and teaching classes and grocery shopping. LET THERE BE BOOKS! 289: This week is going to be a drive through my small town. 290: This is… More Project 365 | Week 41