Newsday Tuesday

I need to start by tooting my own horn.  I’m doing the project Month of Letters for the month of March and I still have spaces on my dance card as SiftingTheGrain (T) so eloquently said.  If you would like to participate and receive a handmade letter, send me your address via email at: clmannesATgmailDOTcom.  To find out more click this link.

Favorite Tweets of the Week:

Search Terms of the Week:

  • Decorations Tim Burton Mystic:  I think we would get along.  We should go for tea, light some incense and discuss the constellations like the Big Dipper and Cassiopeia.
  • Sad Friendship Break-up Tips: Watch Now and Then because every girl needs to learn how to make pudding boobs before the age of fourteen, and it’s a good friendship movie.
  • Bowel Movements Diagram: I hope that you’re a medical student.
  • am I weird? cozy thoughts help me have a bowel movement: This is why people shouldn’t diagnose illnesses online.
  • is sunny but the air is full of bullshit: I couldn’t agree more.

Otherwise here is the news:

Have a good Tuesday!

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