Thank You Day

This is a blog dedicated to those who don’t listen and those who should.  To those who only buy hardcovers.  To those who read a paragraph and put the book back on the shelf.  To those of us who scan the blurb and see the words, “romantic” and think grocery store.  To those of us who turn over Jodi Picoult only to hide her and her mad lib stories from readers.  To those of us who avoid the trilogy tables, the best-sellers, the sale section, the classics.  To those of us who believe hipsters are wannabee readers and editors are famous.   To those of us who stick our nose in the air over pink covers and don’t buy a book unless it “feels good.”  This if for you.


Finnick & Annie

For the past year I’ve been dodging and ducking recommendations to read The Hunger Games.  People I trust have hidden them in my getaway bags, left me “quote” twitter messages, honed in on my feminist tastes.   I’m sad to say I even avoided the blogs written about the series.  And all of this is because I’m a book snob.  I’m one of those people that think writing is a fine art like a Picasso painting or an Alexandrian building.  When I see books like The Twilight Series (although I still get giddy over it) I think they ruin book culture because they have no literary merit (I’m sure people will argue with this).  And thus, the reason I avoided The Hunger Games.  However, I was so wrong about this trilogy in so many ways.  First off, if anything, The Hunger Games trilogy is leading people back to reading.  Gamers, Googlers, and Facebookers are all taking a break to watch movie trailers of the book, read them again, spending 30 days on a blogging challenge, creating tumblrs dedicated to the book.  It’s miraculous.  Not only that, but the books have literary merit.  They’re extremely well written – Suzanne Collins knows how to work a plot rather than just throw in a love triangle and let readers eat themselves alive.  I thought I was going to implode, my favorite characters were murdered.  Characters I thought I could trust were spreading chaos throughout the districts.  I was losing my mind over much more than a heated love triangle between (finally) a girl and two beautiful men.

Hunger Games Cupcakes from FictionalFood.Net

And for that, I’m sorry I didn’t listen.  I will next time.  Thanks to the #hungergamesweekend.  I’m now caught up and can share the book with everyone I know.  I know at least six people who still haven’t read them so the book will come back to me torn, stained, and human by the end of this.

*spoiler* My dad thinks that Katniss is going to escape the first games with Rue.  I told him, “it’s going to be a long three books for you, daddy.” He has no idea what’s coming.


I also wanted to write this blog to everyone who has given me a Versatile Blogger Award.  I’ve learned so much about myself, writing, the world, through blogging and I couldn’t be more thankful for this community of people.

Thank you too:

This award, like them all, comes with duties (but unfortunately not a sash).

  1. Post a picture of the award.
  2. Thank the award giver.
  3. Share 7 random facts about yourself.
  4. Nominate 15 other bloggers for this and tell them so.

Well, here goes nothing…

Versatile Blogger Award

#s 1-4 (minus the feet).

7 Random Facts:

  1. I feel glamourous in sunglasses and like to pretend I’m famous in the car by blowing kisses to the rearview mirror.
  2. I like to keep my volumes on even numbers, both on the television and on the radio.
  3. I have cold feet, all the time.  It must mean I’m  half reptilian.
  4. I carry an Ugly Doll on my keychain named Turny Burny.  I thought it was so I could find my keys in my too large purse but really it’s because he/she has special powers.  (He/She’s also androgynous).
  5. I listen to other people’s conversations in coffee shops for book recommendations because I assume everyone who drinks black coffee reads.
  6. I failed my blood borne pathogens test last week for training and probably have to retake it.  Teens were talking to me and I suck at multiple choice tests.
  7. I crave cheese and strawberries on a regular basis even though I make a sour face whenever I eat strawberries.  I just always think they’re going to taste better than they really do.

Blogs I’d like to Award:

My personal favorite blog has been Grain Sifter since I started blogging.   I get her blogs immediately to email and am always amazed by her voice and writing style.  The best part, she doesn’t even know how wonderful she is.  So drown her in admiration and praise today along with all of the other recommend readings.