Yes, Gregory Maguire, we all see how LARGE your vocabulary is.

I always pay special care to caterpillars.  I move them from the walking path, and take time to place them without disruption next to the juiciest looking leaves. All of this even though they’re probably rude. Walrus’ being social animals, of course are friends with carpenters and walk upright on two deeply grooved fins. All of… More Yes, Gregory Maguire, we all see how LARGE your vocabulary is.


A lovely acquaintance, Mollie, made a bookish instagram for her editing called Molliereads (  AND it inspired me to make an instagram for bookishness and blogging and happiness and words and connecting. Find me on Instagram @ bookishcassie You can view my bookish life as it unfolds and we can share favorite books, book photos,… More BOOKSTAGRAM


I can’t remember which one, but in one childhood movie, a character used The Bible as a sort of fate guessing game.  Point your finger, open a page and press down hard on the words of your future.  The only way God will tell you if that boy is going to breakup with you on… More FEEL THESE FEELS

Swoon-Worthy Bookish Valentine Gift Guide

Create your own flame with this Bookish Valentine Gift Guide The Big-Hearted Book Lover: Top Left: Sitting Elephant Bookends @ WSPA (Pound 16.99) Top Second: Daisy Blue Cotton Journal @ Unicef (Pound 9.95) Top Third: Organic Bag @ Unicef (Pound 19.95) Top Right: Palewa Owl Bookends @ Ten Thousand Villages ($39) Bottom Left: Serene Readers Bookends @ Ten Thousand Villages… More Swoon-Worthy Bookish Valentine Gift Guide

Wednesday Newsday, Maybe?

Favorite Tweets: Book News: What Does Your Favorite Book Say About You @ Huff Post 5 Best Things About Working in Publishing @ Harper Collins Harper Voyager Will Accept Unagented Manuscripts @ Media Bistro Shakespeare in “The Avengers” @ Huff Post Spectacular Literary Divorces @ The Daily Beast Happy Birthday Emoticon @ The Independent Fitzgerald… More Wednesday Newsday, Maybe?

Newsday Tuesday

Favorite Tweets: Favorite Search Terms: library bingo: How exactly is this played, and do you win books and bookmarks at the end?  I want to be there.  I hope there are older women with coins and golden tubes of lipstick in their pocketbooks. dreams about bowel movement in public in a chamber pot in a… More Newsday Tuesday

Newsday Tuesday

It’s almost MOVING DAY folks, so bare with me.  We all look a little like this: Favorite Tweets: Favorite Search Terms: bird model girl: I wish I was a bird model girl. french children’s story cassie and be be: Claire do you know what story this is? I would like a copy! I refuse to… More Newsday Tuesday

Newsday Tuesday

Favorite Tweets: Favorite Search Terms: Cassie sparkles Michigan: I’m not sure if you’re trying to find your long lost love via google, or just letting me know that Michigan will crown me and let me wave from a pageant float covered in sparkles and frankincense.  Either way, I’m for this search – I back your stalker ways, and your… More Newsday Tuesday