Will There Be Days Gone 2?

Is days gone that bad?

Days Gone is not a bad game, exactly.

The play ranges from generic to compelling, and the story of a man and his motorcycle has some charm.

But it’s a game that dearly wants to be taken seriously, all the while assuring it reads as anything but..

Is days gone a sandbox game?

A Matching Tone For Story And Gameplay Grim storylines are nothing new for open-world games, but once you’re set free to do as you please, all that tension and drama is usually shoved aside for sandbox shenanigans. … “With Days Gone, it’s a very serious tone,” says lead open-world designer Eric Jensen.

Is Days Gone getting story DLC?

Days Gone will receive a story DLC after the game releases.

How many hordes are in days gone?

There are 40 different Freaker hordes spread across five of the game’s six regions. You’ll have to beat three of them during the main campaign, leaving the other 37 roaming the world.

Who died days gone?

Sarah’s Death In Days Gone After placing her in the helicopter alone – there was only room for one more person – Deacon continued to fight off the ensuing hordes. He escaped the city, only to discover that the safe zone Sarah’s helicopter headed to had been overrun, and Sarah was presumed dead.

Can you kill Nero soldiers days gone?

Their heavily armored suits protect them from all weapons fire, and they cannot be killed in-game. It is likely that the NERO soldiers encountered in-game are current or former US Military Personnel.

Can you get a dog in days gone?

Yes, in Days Gone you can pet the dog, however, this becomes available only during a cutscene initiated after you make sufficient progress in the story campaign. You have to complete main missions until you start the Have It Your Way mission. During this mission, Deacon is looking for a pup for Boozer.

How do you get the days gone secret ending?

In order to unlock the secret ending simply go about your business during the Days Gone endgame. Eventually, you’ll get a radio call from O’Brian, the NERO researcher Deacon has been contacting throughout the game. The call will trigger a storyline titled “There’s Nothing You Can Do”.

Was days gone a success?

Days Gone, one of 2019’s biggest PS4 exclusives, has been out for a year now, and developer Bend Studios is celebrating the game’s success. In a new tweet, the studio revealed that players have racked up 200 million hours in the game, and showed off some other play stats.

What’s better days gone or World War Z?

There’s less of a focus on the story, and more focus on the multiplayer elements. If you like games like Left 4 Dead and want a good new game to play with friends, World War Z might be your jam. Days Gone is a story heavy single player game, again with a lot of zombies.

Do hordes Respawn In days gone?

Eliminate 40 Story-Related Hordes Permanently There are 40 zombie hordes in Days Gone that are related to the story. When you eliminate these hordes, they are completely wiped out from the game & will not respawn. However, if you only defeat a portion of these hordes, they will grow back in number over time.

Does Boozer die?

Does Boozer Die in Days Gone? To put things plainly, no, Boozer does not die in Days Gone despite the game teasing his death multiple times in the story.

What is the Nero secret weapon?

Okay, completing the final secret mission that unlocks after you’ve finished the game will give you the crafting recipe for an ‘Unknown NERO Weapon’. … Crafting it with all the tech you find will give you the IPCA stun gun originally used by Siphon Filter star Gabe Logan (a PS1 era Sony Bend game).

Is Sarah really dead in days gone?

Days Gone’s Ending Twist In one of Days Gone’s many twists, Deacon is revealed to have been correct all along in his obsession: Sarah is still alive. Not only is she still alive, but Deacon finds her without any pomp and circumstance.

What happened to O’Brian days gone?

Due to being shot at, O’Brian and his team are forced to abandon Deacon. In the secret ending of the game, it is revealed that he has been infected with an evolved strain of the Freaker Virus that giving superhuman agility and strength but still enable him to maintain human intelligence.

Can you change clothes in days gone?

In Days Gone, players won’t be able to change their clothes, but there are good reasons for that. … In Days Gone, Deacon dresses in a character-appropriate attire of a biker in the Northwest United States, and there’s a good reason players can’t change his outfit, which includes his signature backwards cap.

Can you play days gone after you beat it?

Get 100% Completion After Ending The final main missions of the game will activate even if you do not have 100% completion on your storylines. If you have unfinished storylines, you will be still be able to complete them after beating the game!

What is the best gun in World War Z?

World War Z Best GunsSilenced Pistol – Starting off with an odd one, the silenced pistol is an absolute beast. … Advanced SMG – For our money, this is the best gun in World War Z.More items…•