Why Do I Keep Getting Amazon Password Assistance Emails?

Who do I call if my Amazon account has been hacked?

What to do if your Amazon account has been hacked.

If you have had your Amazon account hacked, one of the first things you should do is contact the site on 0800 279 7234 to report it..

Why is Amazon requiring a password reset?

In time for the busiest online shopping season of the year, Amazon has forced the reset of a number of user passwords because of a security concern, according to a ZDNet report. … Amazon has not yet responded for requests for comments on this story.

What happens when Amazon account is hacked?

Well, in short, you CAN’T get into your Amazon account if this happens. You’ll have to immediately call Amazon at (888) 280-4331 and they can remove the fraudulent email address and lock your account until the issue is resolved. Ask the Reader: Has your Amazon account ever been hacked?

How do I contact Amazon if my account is locked?

There are 3 ways you can send an email to Amazon.Reply to the Account Specialist email. The first way is to reply directly to the email you will have received from an account specialist advising that your account has been locked (see below). … Email to the CEO office. … Email via the Amazon Portal (US Only)