Which Channel Is Australian Open Tennis On?

How can I watch the Australian Open?

All the Australian Open matches can be watched in the USA on ESPN, ESPN2, ESPN3 and ESPN+, which was used to telecast it live last year for the first time.

More than 100 hour of TV telecast along with 1400 hours of Australian Open streaming will be in action for the 2020 edition on the aforementioned channels..

Where can I watch the Australian Open 2020?

The Australian Open will be exclusively broadcast in the U.S. across ESPN channels, with ESPN2 carrying the majority of the early round and ESPN broadcasting live coverage of the semifinals and finals in both the men’s and women’s tournaments.

Can I watch the Australian Open live?

To access the live video stream of Australian Open 2020, please visit our broadcast partners page and find broadcast details for your region.

How can I watch the Australian Open in 2020 in the US?

The Australian Open is broadcast on ESPN, ESPN2 and ESPN+. The tournament is live-streamed on WatchESPN. The ESPN+ broadcasts are single matches and occur throughout the first 10 days of the tournament.

Where can I watch Australian Open in Australia?

9Now is the real home of the Australian Open, as it will have access to every single court. So if your favourite tennis player isn’t one of the big names, they’ll likely be bumped to a smaller court which is likely to be shunned for TV schedule, meaning you’ll have to watch via 9Now.

Is Tennis Channel on Amazon Prime?

You need to be an Amazon Prime member to be able to watch the tennis. If you are outside the UK and Ireland, or do not have Amazon Prime in those markets, you will need to purchase a Tennis TV subscription. Please note: an Amazon Prime subscription DOES NOT give you access to Tennis TV.

Who is broadcasting the Australian Open?

The championship matches are televised live on ESPN. While it is broadcast on ESPN International in Central and Latin America.

Is Australian Open tennis on UK TV?

How to watch the Australian Open 2020. The competition will be available to watch on live on TV and online, through Eurosport and Eurosport Player for UK viewers.

Is the Australian Open on Amazon Prime?

How to watch Australian Open 2020 on Eurosport Amazon Prime Video. … Luckily, you can watch all the matches on Amazon Prime Video through Eurosport, and if you’ve never signed up before, you can get a free 7-day trial to watch a week’s worth of matches for no extra cost.