Quick Answer: Why Did Dutch Shoot Micah?

Why did Dutch betray John?

That’s why (if you got the good ending) he tries to make sure John escapes, as he knows he’s a dead man at that point.

Dutch was willing to betray everyone he knew in the pursuit of his stupid ambitions, leading to the deaths of almost his entire crew, and his own eventual demise in the original Red Dead Redemption..

Is Micah a traitor rdr2?

Grimshaw. Micah did admit it. When Arthur called him a traitor Micah said, “not a traitor, a survivor” or something to they extent. He didn’t deny the action, he basically justified the action by saying anyone smart would do what he did.

Does Dutch kill Micah?

Unexpectedly, it’s Dutch that shoots Micah, despite being his partner, allowing John to get the drop on him, and then he wanders away unscathed as John thanks him, leading into what we know happens in RDR1 with that conflict reigniting itself later.

Why did Dutch leave John to die?

Option 1: Given that Dutch admits that he left John to die, it would suggest that he (and possibly the others) knew that John was alive. Javier could well have known this too, but didn’t question Dutch’s authority because of how loyal he is, even if he was aware of Dutch’s wrongdoing.

Does Dutch regret Arthur?

I think Dutch still cared about Arthur but felt let down and disappointed by how little faith Arthur had in him. But there’s a flip side to that coin. Arthur was disappointed by how Dutch was acting and killing when he didn’t have too. No Dutch did not hate Arthur but he liked Micah better at the end.

Can Arthur Kill Micah?

If you choose to go back for the money, Arthur heads back to the burning camp of the Van der Linde gang. … Micah stabs a crawling Arthur in the back, finally killing him.

Does Dutch kill himself?

Dutch kills himself. Throws himself off a cliff. John and Arthur and Hosea were the only things keeping Dutch from spiralling into madness and sociopathy. When he lost them, he lost his connection to sanity and to humanity.

Why did Dutch go crazy?

Dutch just went insane after every plan didn’t go his way, when the doubt started happening, when his crew was leaving or getting killed.

What was Dutch doing with Micah?

Dutch intervenes in a fight between Arthur and Micah, and Arthur convinces him to abandon Micah and leave. In 1907, Dutch meets with Micah before John and Sadie attack Micah’s new gang. In a Mexican standoff, Dutch shoots Micah, letting John finish him off, before leaving.

Why did Micah kill Arthur?

Micah killed Arthur because in the eyes of Dutch and the rest of the gang members who sided with him, he was seen as a traitor. … He also knew how better Arthur was to him regarding physique and skill but due to Arthur’s sickness, that wouldn’t be a problem.

Did Dutch know Micah was a rat?

No. Dutch only realized Micah was the rat by 1907, far too late to save Arthur. He didn’t think of the possibility that the guy who was mindlessly following him was the person telling him off.