Quick Answer: Who Hacked 217 Banks?

What code do hackers use?

What coding language do hackers use.

To be a proficient hacker, it is best to learn five coding languages, viz., Python, C/C++, Java, Perl and LISP.

The more you know the programming languages, the better you will be able to perform as a professional hacker..

How do hackers do it?

Log keystrokes: Some programs allow hackers to review every keystroke a computer user makes. Once installed on a victim’s computer, the programs record each keystroke, giving the hacker everything he needs to infiltrate a system or even steal someone’s identity.

Who hacked the iPhone?

George HotzBornGeorge Francis Hotz Jr. October 2, 1989 Glen Rock, New Jersey, USOther namesgeohotAlma materCarnegie Mellon University, RITNotable workJailbreak, comma.ai2 more rows

Who is the hacker WWE?

The Wrestling Observer’s Dave Meltzer (h/t WhatCulture) recently confirmed that Ali was planned to be revealed as the hacker, and it’s been several weeks since the storyline has even been addressed on WWE programming.

Is Hamza Bendelladj hanged?

Bendelladj has been in prison in the United States since May 2013, with the US court sentenced him on April 20, 2016 to 15 years in prison and 3 years of probation. His Russian accomplice Panin, 27, aka “Gribodemon”, was sentenced to 9 years and 6 months in prison.

Who hacked World Bank?

Kevin David MitnickKevin David Mitnick (born August 6, 1963) is an American computer security consultant, author, and convicted hacker. He is best known for his high-profile 1995 arrest and five years in prison for various computer and communications-related crimes.

What did Hamza Bendelladj do with the money?

The 27-year-old Algerian computer science graduate will be sentenced on Tuesday in a US court for using a computer virus to steal money from more than 200 American banks and financial institutions. He then reportedly gave millions of dollars to Palestinian charities.

Why Majid Kavousifar killed Judge?

Majid Kavousifar and Hossein Kavousifar, his nephew, were hanged in front of Tehran’s Ershad judiciary complex, where they shot dead judge Hassan Moghaddas in his car in 2005. The two were not political activists, but Tehran’s public prosecutor said Majid had believed the judge was corrupt.

How much do hackers make?

Average Salary Certified ethical hackers make an average annual income of $99,000, according to Indeed.com. Salary information is anecdotal as a formal salary survey has yet to emerge. The average starting salary for a certified ethical hacker is $95,000, according to EC-Council senior director Steven Graham.

Who are the best hackers in the world?

Here are top 10 hackers or the whiz kids who put the world in awe with their dexterity.Gary McKinnon. … LulzSec. … Adrian Lamo. … Mathew Bevan and Richard Pryce. … Jonathan James. … Kevin Poulsen. … Kevin Mitnick. … Anonymous.More items…

Who is India’s No 1 Hacker?

Ankit Fadia (born 24 May 1985) is an Indian author, speaker, television host, and self-proclaimed “WHITE HAT hacker” of computer systems.

Which country has best hackers?

The 7 Top Hacking CountriesRomania. Responsible for 2.8 percent of the world’s hacking traffic during the last quarter of 2012, Romania comes in at seventh place. … Brazil. … Taiwan. … Russia. … Turkey. … United States. … China.

Who is the best ethical hacker in world?

Top 5 ethical hackers you should doff your white hat toKevin Mitnick. Kevin Mitnick has become one of, if not the most, famous ethical hackers to have ever lived, and perhaps his skills and insight come from the fact that his hat has not always been white. … Joanna Rutkowska. … Charlie Miller. … Greg Hoglund.