Quick Answer: Where Does The Word Veil Come From?

What is behind the veil?

in a mysterious or hidden place or state, especially the unknown state of existence after death.

The phrase was originally a figurative reference to the veil which concealed the innermost sanctuary of the Temple in Jerusalem; it was later taken as referring to the mysterious division between the next world and this..

What is a veil in Iran?

The word hijab refers to both the head-covering traditionally worn by some Muslim women and Islamic styles of dress in general. … In the Indonesian Aceh province, Muslim women are required to wear the hijab and all women are required to do so in Iran.

What is the opposite of veil?

What is the opposite of veil?disregardexcludeuncoverunlooseunwraplay barelet golet looselet outset free12 more rows

Are wedding veils only for virgins?

No. A veil has absolutely nothing to do with virginity. … The veil did not come off until after the marriage was consummated. The reason for that was that a man had the right to cancel the wedding if he chose if the woman wasn’t attractive in his eyes.

What does the word veil mean?

noun. a piece of opaque or transparent material worn over the face for concealment, for protection from the elements, or to enhance the appearance. a piece of material worn so as to fall over the head and shoulders on each side of the face, forming a part of the headdress of a nun.

What does it mean to veil yourself?

vb. 9 tr to cover, conceal, or separate with or as if with a veil. 10 intr to wear or put on a veil. (C13: from Norman French veile, from Latin vela sails, pl of velum a covering)

What is another word for veil?

In this page you can discover 74 synonyms, antonyms, idiomatic expressions, and related words for veil, like: conceal, scarf, kerchief, mask, gauze, film, cover, tissue, veiling, screen and mantilla.

What is a veiled woman?

covered or concealed by, or as if by, a veil: a veiled woman. not openly or directly expressed; masked; disguised; hidden; obscure: a veiled threat. lacking clarity or distinctness: veiled sounds; a veiled image.

What does Obnubilate mean in English?

transitive verb. : becloud, obscure. Other Words from obnubilate The Political History of Obnubilate Learn More about obnubilate.

What is a synonym for illusion?

SYNONYMS. mirage, hallucination, apparition, phantasm, phantom, vision, spectre, fantasy, figment of the imagination, will-o’-the-wisp, trick of the light.

Why do brides cover their face?

It’s traditional for the bride to wear her wedding veil over her face so that the groom can lift it after they exchange their vows (or, as many people do, so the father of the bride can lift it when he gives away his daughter); the custom goes back to the times when the lifted wedding veil represented the handover of …