Quick Answer: What Happens After YouTube Premium Free Trial?

How can I get YouTube Premium for free for 3 months?

Free 3 months YouTube Premium for Google One subscribersClick the link below.Click ‘try it free’ and sign in – if you’re already logged in, make sure you’re logged in to YouTube with the same account as your Google One account.Once you’re signed in, the page will change from 1 month free to 3 months free.Sign up & enjoy!More items…•.

How do I cancel my free trial of YouTube premium?

To cancel your subscription, follow these steps:Tap your profile picture > Paid memberships.Tap on the membership you want to cancel.Tap Continue to cancel.Select your reason for canceling and tap Next.Tap Yes, cancel.

Is it worth it to get YouTube premium?

If you have no interest in Originals content, don’t get Premium. If you don’t use YouTube’s mobile apps, don’t get Premium. … YouTube Premium actually offers a lot for $12 per month, but it’s only worth it if you’re going to use all of those features.

Do Youtubers get paid if I have YouTube premium?

It will not help YouTuber. Like other paid membership services,YouTube Premium gives you the option to pay for a bundle of premium features on YouTube. … It will not help YouTuber. Like other paid membership services,YouTube Premium gives you the option to pay for a bundle of premium features on YouTube.

How can I get YouTube originals for free?

To watch YouTube Originals for free, just head over to the YouTube Originals YouTube channel. There, you’ll find all of YouTube’s original programming, most of which will be available to watch for free. Simply click a video to start watching it.

Can I cancel YouTube premium after free trial?

If you cancel your membership during a free trial, your trial membership will no longer be automatically rolled over into a paid subscription at the end of the free trial. You’ll continue to have access until the end of the trial period.

How does YouTube Premium free trial work?

When you sign up for a YouTube Music Premium membership, you get one free month. If you don’t cancel before the next billing date, you will be charged the monthly fee for the next month. Our automated system analyzes replies to choose the one that’s most likely to answer the question.

Is YouTube premium worth getting?

Is YouTube Premium worth it for you? If you are looking for a Netflix or Hulu substitute, the answer is no. However, if you want a more than decent music streaming service and a better viewing experience on YouTube, you can’t go wrong with YouTube Premium.

How do I cancel my free trial?

How can I cancel my subscription from my Android phone or tablet?Go to play.google.com/store/account.Find the subscription you want to cancel.Click Cancel Subscription.

How long does YouTube Premium free trial last?

The offer is valid for first time subscribers only. With this offer you’ll get a 90 day free trial instead of the regular 30 day free trial. An $11.99 monthly fee applies after the 3 month trial and you can cancel at anytime. Google will email you before your trial is over.

Is YouTube premium going to be free?

In November 2018, it was reported that YouTube was planning to offer some of its premium shows available for free on an ad-supported basis by 2020. The Premium subscription would still cover ad-free access, timed exclusivity windows for original content, and content that is not made freely-available.