Quick Answer: What Do U Get For Pre Ordering 2k21?

How much will 2k21 cost?

It will be £64.99 / $69.99 for a next-gen copy!.

What happens if you pre order NBA 2k21?

If you pre-order from GAME you will recieve the following bonuses: 5000 Virtual Currency. 5000 MyTEAM Points. 10 MyTEAM Promo packs (Delivered one a week)

Can I play NBA 2k21 early?

Preload NBA 2K21 2K isn’t offering an early release date this year, but you can start playing on September 3rd if you buy the right version and live in a western time zone. If you pre-order a digital copy of NBA 2K21 you can pre-load the game and start playing when the clock strikes Midnight Eastern on September 4th.

What do you get if you pre order 2k21?

NBA 2K21 includes the following digital items with pre-order: 5,000 Virtual Currency. 5,000 MyTEAM Points. 10 MyTEAM Promo packs (delivered one a week)

How much VC do you get for pre ordering 2k21?

“When purchasing the current-gen NBA 2K21 Mamba Forever Edition, you’ll receive 100,000 VC once you launch the game. When you receive and launch your next-gen copy of NBA 2K21, you’ll get an additional 100,000 VC. If you do not launch NBA 2K21 on next-gen, you won’t receive the additional 100,000 VC.

Can you pre download NBA 2k21?

NBA 2K21 Next Generation Is Now Available For Digital Pre-order And Pre-download On Xbox One – Xbox Live’s Major Nelson.

Why did I not get my 100k VC in 2k21?

NBA 2K21 offered players some respite through pre-order bonuses. If you pre-ordered the NBA 2K21 Mamba Forever Edition, part of the massive pre-order bonus includes 100k in free VC. The problem is, people haven’t been receiving it. According to 2K Support on Twitter, this issue has been solved, at least on Xbox One.

Why isn’t my VC showing up in 2k21?

If you purchased VC in NBA 2K21 but haven’t seen it credited to your account, you’ve come to the right place in the Knowledge Base. Before you file a ticket, please be aware that (during periods of high online traffic) it can take a few hours before the VC you purchased is credited to your account.

Why don’t I have my VC on 2k21?

To fix the NBA 2K21 Mamba Forever Edition pre-order VC issue, the first step is to go into the MyPlayer animation store. Put a bunch of animations into your cart, and make sure to include the free ones. Then, go to checkout and remove all animations that cost VC.