Quick Answer: Is It Weird To Ask For Someone’S Snapchat?

What does it mean when a guy asks for your Snapchat?

He’s probably interested in getting to know you, if you are too then give him your snap.

Will a guy that likes me ever talk about the other girls he snaps.

Does it mean anything if the guy I used to talk with always views my Snapchat story at most five minutes after posting it?.

Is it better to ask for number or Snapchat?

Is it better to ask for someone’s Snapchat or their number? No. It is better to offer them your information. To often, it can be unsafe to give your personal information to someone you don’t know.

Can a girl ask a guy for his Snapchat?

Like saying something about what you say on someone’s story that you found really funny, and you could ask him if he has it. If he says he does ask him for it. … Honestly, if you’ve never talked to him, don’t ask him for his Snapchat. Since he doesn’t know you, he probably won’t give it you, unless he’s actually nice.

Is it weird to ask someone for their Snapchat?

It’ll be uncomfortable if you feel uncomfortable. Just ask for it casually and naturally. You could say it’s to start a streak, but that might make it shallow. Whatever you do, just be confident, casual, comfortable, and handle rejection with grace.