Quick Answer: How Do I Connect My PSN To My EA Account?

How do I connect my EA account to my ps4?

To do this:Click the Log In button at the top of any help.ea.com page.Click on the Accounts dropdown in the middle of the screen, then choose Account Security.Go to the About Me tab.Scroll down to Connected Accounts.

If you don’t see your platform, it isn’t linked..

Can I transfer my EA account to another PSN account?

If you created a new PSN ID, you can’t transfer progress from the other one. An EA account should only have 1 PSN ID attached to it. If you created a new PSN ID, you’ll have to create another EA account to link it up to.

How do you fix an invalid EA account on ps4?

To remedy this, the first and simplest solution is to head over to EA’s website and update your password. EA will then email you a link to reset your password. Once you’ve received that email and followed its instructions, your account should become validated and your games should, once again, be accessible.

How do I merge two EA accounts?

Merge Origin Accounts If you are looking to merge two Origin accounts together, you will need to contact an EA Game Advisor for assistance, however please do note that some limitations may apply. Certain titles / previous purchases may not be able to be transferred. Some cloud saves may not transfer.

How do you sign out of EA on ps4?

Hi harryliggins, It’s not possible to logout of an Origin account on PS4, you would need to either remove the old account. Alternatively you could also create a new PSN Id and link a new Origin account to this.

How do I transfer my EA account?

You can swap your email address to the EA Account you have that has all of your games on it.Create a new email address. … Log in to the new, accidental EA Account you made with your main email address linked to it. … Change the email address to the new email you created (NewEmail@email.com).More items…•

How do I change my EA account on PlayStation 4?

Re: how to change ps4 ea accountClick on the following link: http://help.ea.com/ (once there make sure that your country is correctly select in top left hand corner of Help.EA.com)Make sure you are logged in (top right corner) and select ‘Help with Game’Find the affected game (if it’s an account issue select Origin)More items…

How do I find the email associated with my EA account?

Click on your EA ID at the bottom of the client. Click EA Account & Billing. A browser window will open with a page for My Account. On the About Me tab, you’ll see a preview of your email address with asterisks.

Re: how do i link ea account with ps4Sign in to your account on PlayStation™Network under which you purchased the content.From the Home screen, go to [Settings] > [Account Management], and select [Restore Licenses]. Click [OK] when done.

What EA account is linked to my ps4?

You can check your PlayStation ID, linked to your EA Account under Connected Accounts section on your profile page https://myaccount.ea.com. Alternatively you can get in touch with EA Advisors directly, so they can help you with your question.

Why is my EA account invalid ps4?

If you’re getting the Account is Invalid Error, it means that EA has locked down your account to protect it and your personal information. To fix this error and get back to your online games, all you need to do is reset your EA account password.

How do I fix an invalid EA account?

Re: Invalid account You need to go to profile.ea.com, log in with you information (same as orgin). once in check to see if your persona is selected for you PSN account, probably the same for XBox. If nothing is selected then select the one for you system. Restart your game and you should be good.

To unlink your PSN from your Origin account you’ll need to speak to a Game Advisor. You can contact support by following the steps below: Click on the following link: https://help.ea.com/contact-us. Make sure you are logged in (top right corner)