Question: Who Died Days Gone?

Will ps5 have discs?

Best answer: No, the PS5 Digital Edition cannot play discs of any kind since it doesn’t have a disc drive.

If you want to use discs with your PS5, you’ll need to get the regular console that has a disc drive and supports disc-based media..

Does deacon like Rikki?

Trivia. Rikki is bisexual, as she is in a romantic relationship with Addy, but also has romantic feelings for Deacon.

What are the best weapons in days gone?

15 Best Weapons In Days Gone1 Chicago Chopper. Styled on the famous Tommy Gun, this is the best weapon that a player can get in Days Gone.2 . 50 BFG. … 3 Stinger SMG. … 4 MWS. … 5 PPSH-41. … 6 PDW. … 7 Boozer’s Shotgun. … 8 Drifter Crossbow. … More items…•

Who plays Sarah in days gone?

Courtnee DraperCast (in credits order)Sam Witwer…Deacon St. John (voice)Jim Pirri…William ‘Boozer’ Gray (voice)Courtnee Draper…Sarah Whitaker (voice)Nishi Munshi…Rikki Patel (voice)Jason Spisak…Raymond ‘Skizzo’ Sarkoski (voice)99 more rows

How do you get the secret ending in days gone?

In order to unlock the secret ending simply go about your business during the Days Gone endgame. Eventually, you’ll get a radio call from O’Brian, the NERO researcher Deacon has been contacting throughout the game. The call will trigger a storyline titled “There’s Nothing You Can Do”.

Is PC gaming dead?

Sorry, no, PC gaming is dead. Hold on, PC gaming is back from the grave! … You don’t really hear it much anymore, probably because after years of doomsaying and pulse-checking, people have begun to realize that PC gaming, like any other industry with its share of ups and downs and middles, is obviously here to stay.

Does days gone ever end?

The Days Gone Secret Ending happens way at the end of the game, even after the credits have rolled on the main campaign. It involves Nero researcher O’Brian, and has some pretty hefty consequences for the series moving forward.

What is the Nero secret weapon?

Okay, completing the final secret mission that unlocks after you’ve finished the game will give you the crafting recipe for an ‘Unknown NERO Weapon’. … Crafting it with all the tech you find will give you the IPCA stun gun originally used by Siphon Filter star Gabe Logan (a PS1 era Sony Bend game).

What do you get for killing all the hordes in days gone?

Days Gone Horde rewards explained. Finding and wiping out all 37 Freaker hordes results in you obtaining the St. John Horde Killer Custom Skin for your motorcycle. Additionally, each individual horde slain will gain you a chunk of trust for that region as well as a handful of experience points.

Did Boozer die in days gone?

Does Boozer Die in Days Gone? To put things plainly, no, Boozer does not die in Days Gone despite the game teasing his death multiple times in the story.

What happened to Lisa in days gone?

Tucker tasks Deacon with looking for them and bringing them back. Deacon finds a few of Tucker’s men dead, but Lisa was ambushed and captured by Rippers. In the bid for her rescue he travels to Belknap Crater, killing many Rippers before getting to Lisa.

Are Consoles dying?

Video game consoles don’t appear to be dying in 2018, with the PlayStation 4 and Xbox One combining to sell more than 100 million systems and the Switch quickly racking up a nice user-base of its own. According to Ubisoft CEO Yves Guillemot, however, dedicated game consoles may not be long for this world.

Does Deacon die?

On its final episode “Nashville” found a way for viewers to see Rayna Jaymes and Deacon Claybourne together again, one last time. … Midway through season five, the character died after being involved in a grisly car accident, leaving her grieving husband, Deacon (Charles Esten), and their two children behind.

What’s the song at the end of days gone?

DAYS GONE OST – Days Gone Quiet / Lewis Capaldi (Credits Theme Song) – YouTube.

Is Sarah really dead in days gone?

Days Gone’s Ending Twist In one of Days Gone’s many twists, Deacon is revealed to have been correct all along in his obsession: Sarah is still alive. Not only is she still alive, but Deacon finds her without any pomp and circumstance.

Will there be a days gone 2?

We still don’t have any official word on Days Gone 2 or any other kind of sequel, but the game’s studio director says his team is definitely are not done with that world. … A resume update from a Bend Studio employee indicates that the team has recently entered pre-production on a new game.

Who is Carlos days gone?

Jessie Williamson, also known as Carlos, is a major character and the main antagonist of the first half of Days Gone. Renouncing his original name after the Freakers outbreak, Carlos is the leader of the Rippers, a cult that worships Freakers.

What caused the virus in days gone?

Booth infers, but does not specifically state, that the virus was human engineered due to the unusual aggressiveness and determination of the disease. She says “The (freaker) virus wants them that way.” She also states that CT scans of freaker’s brains show that they are, in normal human terms; “brain dead”.