Question: What Happens To My Sky Contract If I Move House?

Can I take my Sky box when I move house?

Moving with Sky is just as simple.

Simply go onto the Sky website and get in touch with Sky dedicated Moving Team via messaging or phone.

All you need is your Sky ID, your current address, your new address and your moving date.

Note that Sky TV, Sky Broadband and Sky Talk customers will need 2 weeks’ notice..

How do I book a moving house with sky?

Re: Book Home Move If you have a Sky Talk line, dial 150 and the call is free – listen to the message carefully and stay on the line Please ignore any recorded messages and hold the line until an operator becomes available. Mr+Flibbles+86.

How long does it take for Sky to move house?

Moving home with Sky How long does it take?: Sky needs at least two weeks’ notice, but you can book your move up to 90 days in advance. They’ll give you an installation date, and, provided everything else is sorted out, you should be online from that point.

Is Sky moving free dish?

Re: Need to move my sky dish Dish relocates can be done free if there’s technical issues but not due to cosmetic reasons or extensions.

Can you move your satellite dish?

Simply tell DIRECTV where and when you’re moving. Once you’re at your new place, DIRECTV will deliver and professionally install a new satellite dish. It works like this: Call 1-888-DTV-MOVE (1-888-388-6683) to schedule your service transfer.

What happens with my sky when I move home?

Sky TV, Sky Broadband and/or Sky Talk, we’ll need two weeks’. If you have Sky Broadband and/or Talk, we’ll also ask you when you’d like us to stop your services at your current address. Sky Mobile, we’ll just need your new address. You’ll keep everything you’ve got and can use it as normal.