Question: What Does Gilded Cage Mean?

How do you describe a cage?

Here are some adjectives for cage: soft and solid, nasty, empty, flexible but efficient, thorny oval, big, ordinary, solid but empty, spacious, glamorous, solitary, concrete, securely locking, cramped, rickety, sinister wooden, wild gilded, fearful wooden, immense hydraulic, armored concrete, heavy but tiny, gilded ….

What does hurtle mean?

to rush violently; move with great speed: The car hurtled down the highway. to move or go noisily or resoundingly, as with violent or rapid motion: The sound was deafening, as tons of snow hurtled down the mountain. Archaic. to strike together or against something; collide.

What does elated mean?

very happy or proud; jubilant; in high spirits: an elated winner of a contest.

What does align mean?

to arrange in a straight line; adjust according to a line. to bring into a line or alignment. to bring into cooperation or agreement with a particular group, party, cause, etc.: He aligned himself with the liberals.

What does gilded mean?

adjective. covered or highlighted with gold or something of a golden color. having a pleasing or showy appearance that conceals something of little worth.

What is another word for gilded?

In this page you can discover 33 synonyms, antonyms, idiomatic expressions, and related words for gilded, like: gold, aureate, festooned, gaudy, luxurious, meretricious, ornate, prosperous, tawdry, vermeil and adorn.

What does alighted mean?

verb (used without object), a·light·ed or a·lit, a·light·ing. to dismount from a horse, descend from a vehicle, etc. to settle or stay after descending: The bird alighted on the tree. to encounter or notice something accidentally.

What is another word for cage?

In this page you can discover 34 synonyms, antonyms, idiomatic expressions, and related words for cage, like: enclosure, imprison, jail, let out, mew, crate, pen, basket, box, brake and bucket.

How old is Nicolas Cage?

56 years (January 7, 1964)Nicolas Cage/Age

Where does the term gilded cage come from?

The Gilded Cage, derived from the phrase “a bird in a gilded cage” meaning living in a luxurious prison, may refer to: The Gilded Cage (1916 film), a silent film drama. The Gilded Cage (1955 film), a British crime film.

What does the word cage mean?

1 : a box or enclosure having some openwork for confining or carrying animals (such as birds) 2a : a barred cell for confining prisoners. b : a fenced area for prisoners of war. 3 : a framework serving as support the steel cage of a skyscraper. 4a : an enclosure resembling a cage in form or purpose a cashier’s cage.