Question: Is There A Way To Delete Trophies On Ps4?

Can I remove trophies from ps4?

Yes, you can delete 0% trophies using either PlayStation 4 or PlayStation App: On PlayStation 4 go to [Trophies] and highlight the trophy you want to delete.

Press [Options] > [Delete]..

How do I delete a PlayStation Network account?

How to delete your accountGo to PlayStation’s support website.In the search bar where it asks to type in your issue or question, type close account.Select which device you’d like to close your account on.More items…•

What happens if I delete a user on ps4?

Deleting a user account off of a PS4 console will remove all of the saved data and screenshots created by that user from the hard drive.

Are PlayStation trophies worth it?

Your PlayStation Trophies are now worth more than bragging rights. … To link the accounts, you need to sign into your PSN account, join Sony Rewards and start gaming. According to the rewards site, you can earn 100 points for 100 silver trophies, 250 points for 25 gold trophies and 1,000 points for 10 platinum trophies.

Can you mass delete friends on ps4?

Unfortunately, there’s no other way to remove friends without losing other data. If you want to mass delete them, you’ll have to sacrifice your entire account.

What is the rarest ps4 trophy?

​The Rarest Known PS4 TrophiesMetal Gear Solid V: Ground Zeroes – Hero (earn an S rank for every mission)Outlast – Lunatic (finish on Insane difficulty)Resogun – Masterful Dodger of Revenge Bullets and Stuff Alike.FIFA 14 – Silver Lining (earn a Silver medal in all skill games)Sportsfriends – Got On Top (win 1000 times in hidden Get on Top game)More items…•

Do PlayStation trophies mean anything?

What are trophies? You earn trophies as rewards for certain achievements when playing PlayStation games online or offline. Each game awards trophies for different achievements.

How do you delete trophies on PS Vita?

[TUTORIAL] Delete trophy data for specific games.Open up Henkaku/VitaShell and go to this directory: ur0:user/00/trophy/.There are two folders that you should pay attention to: conf/ and data/. … Go into the data/ folder and find the same folder with the same name and delete that one as well. … IMPORTANT. … Exit Henkaku/VitaShell and open up the trophy app.

How do you delete ps3 Trophies?

To remove a game from the list, all you need to do is “go to the trophy section and then click a game. Then click (…) in the bottom right corner and select [Privacy Settings].” You can remove a game in which you have a platinum trophy and also remove a game of any percentage.

What does the percentage of ps4 trophies mean?

Scroll through your list of PlayStation 4 games in the trophy application, and you will see a percentage listed by each one — this displays how much progress you’ve made toward total completion in a particular game.

Is it worth getting platinum trophies?

In other words, you can now earn money by unlocking trophies, but you’re going to have to be pretty dedicated before it begins paying off. Sony says that 10 Platinum trophies are worth 1,000 points, meaning that each Platinum trophy you unlock is worth 100 points on its own.

Does deleting a ps4 user deactivate the account?

The ps4 user accounts only contain your game saves, so deleting a ps4 account will not delete the PSN account linked to it or it’s subscription. And if your worried, just log onto the other ps4 account with your game saves with your PSN account, no need to delete the new one if your worried.

Does deleting save data delete trophies?

You won’t lose your trophies no matter what data you delete. Trophies are not saved on the console, so they will always be tied to your psn id.

Does deleting a game on ps4 delete progress?

When you delete a game, its game save data isn’t deleted. You can reinstall the game in the future and resume from where you left off. If you want to play a game again, you’ll need to reinstall it. We recommend uninstalling games you own on disc rather than digital games.