Question: Do Cable Companies Share Lines?

Why is Comcast bad?

2) Comcast is throttling your Internet.

In a world of high speed, all downloads should be created equal, but they’re not.

Comcast has been accused of throttling certain websites, and during certain hours, a frustration for customers but also a considerable free speech and freedom of information issue..

Is Comcast a monopoly?

Comcast (and most cable companies) are considered a natural monopoly where they operate.

Is cable TV a natural monopoly?

The cable industry is a patchwork of micro-monopolies. … A natural monopoly occurs when it’s so expensive to enter a market that it doesn’t make sense for a competitors to come in. With cable TV, there’s a massive fixed cost to enter a new market—putting in new cable lines.

Do Internet companies use the same lines?

No. They do not use the same hardware. If you are using FIOS or Cable Company as an internet service providers, they all use their own cabling from your home to their office. They could have different kinds of cable and different incompatible termination boxes (modems).

What happens if you cut a cable line?

Short answer is Yes, they can. You are supposed to call for line locates before you dig, even in your own yard. They come and locate the lines and you can then dig. If you hit a line that is not where they located it, you are off the hook for repairs.

Can you get internet without a coax cable?

A coax cable is required to connect your modem/gateway to the Comcast network. … Your WiFi devices may also receive other WiFi signals from other gateways/routers which you might be able to connect to without your own modem/gateway/router, in which case, no coax cable is required.

Will I get electrocuted if I cut a cable wire?

Short answer yes you could. If its RG6 (or RG59 if much older) coax cable inside your home you can cut it, it’s concidered Low Voltage, there is power running through it however not enough to cause harm or you even feel it. You may however hear/see a ever so slight spark.

Can phone providers see search history?

Your mobile provider is indeed your ISP when you use their data services, and that means they can see a lot of your activity. Can your mobile data service provider keep track of your online browsing history and activities? Yes.

Who can see your Internet activity?

Despite the privacy precautions you take, there is someone who can see everything you do online: your Internet Service Provider (ISP). When it comes to online privacy, there are a lot of steps you can take to clean up your browsing history and prevent sites from tracking you.

Why do cable companies have a monopoly?

The cable companies have grown into monopolies due to being better competitors and by offering superior broadband products. … Monopolies naturally abuse their monopoly power more and more over time until the government is forced to react to regulate them.

Why is there only one cable company in my area?

There are regional monopolies specifically because it is in the best interest of the cable companies, partially so they can set the price and quality of product to their choosing, but specifically because it is extremely costly to build a cable network.

Is it illegal to cut a cable line?

The legal definition of cutting or damaging wires You can also be charged with obstructing or cutting electrical or telephone lines if you maliciously make an unauthorized connection with an electrical line (but not with a telegraph, telephone or cable TV line).

Can WiFi owner see what sites I visit VPN?

Yes, WiFi routers keep logs, and WiFi owners can see what websites you opened, so your WiFi browsing history is not at all hidden. For example, you opened the web page … WiFi admins can see your browsing history and even use a packet sniffer to intercept your private data.

Do cable lines carry electricity?

Do TV/ Radio Aerial Cables Carry Current? The way that TV aerials and satellite dishes work by their very nature carry current. … The“signal” on a cable is in fact alternating current electricity, which is of a much, much higher frequency than that of your mains electrical supply.

Do cable companies track what you watch?

Not only do they know what show you are watching, they know when you pause, or rewind and replay a section repeatedly. They track the type of shows you watch, and in many cases they can deduce the type of person controlling the box. The short answer is yes, they know.