Question: Can You Go Back For Dutch’S Money As John?

Is there going to be a rdr3?

Red Dead Redemption 3 is expected to release after the Grand Theft Auto 6.

GTA 6 is reportedly in development right now and will come to PS5 and Xbox Scarlett somewhere around 2023.

The main focus for Rockstar Games right now is a new Bully game..

Why did Micah hate Arthur?

Likely, Micah was not only ordered by Dutch to kill Arthur as “punishment” for being a traitor to the gang but also was his opportunity to eliminate a long-time rival. A rival who is now in a weakened state and without the protection of his mentor. Also, Micah has been shown to be petty and vindictive.

What is the secret ending in rdr2?

Arthur dies in all endings. There is no “secret” ending in which he survives. He either gets his redemption by saving John and dying peacefully while looking into the sunrise, or he gets his redemption by saving John and dying violently at the hands of Micah Bell.

Should you get the money or help John rdr2?

If you go for the money, it plays out largely the same. The difference is that you fight back to the camp and head into the cave for the money. On the way out, you fight Micah in the burning remnants of the camp.

Can you find Dutch after the epilogue?

After chapter six, we don’t actually see Dutch until the very end of epilogue two, although he can be read about in one of the newspaper reports. You can check that out in the “Notorious Bad Man Alive” article.

Where is Arthur buried?

Arthur Morgan’s grave can be found to the northeast of Bacchus Station, and east of the grave of Eagle Flies. If you finished the game with a high Honor rating, Arthur’s grave will be adorned with flowers.

Why did Dutch let John take the money?

Another idea I’ve heard is that he was initially going to take the money that is in the little shack behind Dutch and was planning to kill Micah to take it. But, realizing that John needed it more to support his growing family, he left it and shot Micah.

Can you go back and get the money as John Marston?

Yes, but when you find it you can’t do anything with it. In the finale, you have the option to go with John or go back to the camp to retrieve the money.

Why does Dutch like Micah?

Micah Was The Newcomer In The Van der Linde Gang Dutch adopted both John Marston and Arthur Morgan into his gang when they were teenagers, for example, making him like a father figure to the outlaws. … Clearly Dutch felt like he owed Micah something in particular after Micah saved his life that fateful day.

Does Dutch regret Arthur?

Arthur was disappointed by how Dutch was acting and killing when he didn’t have too. No Dutch did not hate Arthur but he liked Micah better at the end. … Dutch has just died, and when he opened his eyes, he’s back in one of the old campgrounds from RDR2, and Arthur and the rest of the gang that died are there.

How do you stop Micah from killing Arthur?

You’ll have to fight Micah in the cave but unfortunately, that ends in a draw. After having a draw, Dutch will arrive to stop you from killing Micah. That’s also when Arthur tries to convince the Dutch by telling them that Micah is a proper rat but that doesn’t look like to convince them.

Why did Dutch leave Arthur to die?

If the player was honorable, Dutch will leave because he is unable to choose between them. After which, Micah leaves in anger, while Arthur dies of his tuberculosis as he watches the sun rise from the mountainside. … In this case, what happens is that Arthur abandons John in order to go back to the gang’s burning camp.

Can Arthur Kill Micah?

If you choose to go back for the money, Arthur heads back to the burning camp of the Van der Linde gang. He gets the money, but Micah Bell ambushes him. … Micah stabs a crawling Arthur in the back, finally killing him.

Is Dutch’s money still in the cave?

– John Marston.

Why did Dutch go crazy?

They killed (Only when they had to, well for some of them) and robbed. If you are talking about why dutch started acting differently, with the betraying, putting trust into people who haven’t been with him that long and killing without mercy then it’s because he started to go insane.

Can you go back for the money in Beaver Hollow?

If the player decides to go back for the money: After saying his farewells to John and giving him all of his possessions, Arthur returns to Beaver Hollow, in order to take the gang’s money stash hidden in the caves.

Why did Dutch trust Micah?

He knew Arthur ever since he was young and he had no reason to think he would lie about him. But he held Micah up on a pedestal because he flattered his ego and told him everything he wanted to hear.

What happened Sadie Adler?

Fighting off another group, a gang member manages to stab Sadie in the stomach during a scuffle, before being shot by Charles. … Some time after Charles leaves, she gives her farewells to the Marston family as she leaves the ranch.