Is PlayerAuctions A Legit Site?

How do I get a refund on PlayerAuctions?

In rare cases, it might take up to 5 business days, especially if it’s a credit card, to receive a refund.

Please contact our Payments Team with your order ID and ask for a refund if you: Paid with Neteller (you’ll need to provide the Transaction ID).

How do I sell my RuneScape gold for real money?

How to sell RuneScape gold?Choose the gold type (OSRS gold or RS3 gold) and the amount you want to sell.Contact support representative via 24/7 Live Chat.Provide your character, world, name and payment option.Login to the game to trade the gold.Receive real money to your chosen payment option!

What is risk verification?

Risk verification works as a useful tool Merchants and retailers need to know immediately if an electronic check or ACH debit will process without returning. It’s simply not enough to rely on a financial institution to provide accurate and rapid feedback on the inherent risk involved with a particular bank account.

Can you get scammed on g2g?

Some scammers and some legit, if you get unlucky and get a scamming seller G2G won’t do anything about it and just offer you in store credit that you can’t use until you’ve accumulated 50,000 points. … Well, G2G itself is not a scam, but a lot of users are selling hacked accounts.

What is payment verification?

For your protection, our checkout system verifies credit card billing information and address information. This information must exactly match the information on file with your credit card company in order to process.

How do I sell my PUBG account?

After entering the account dashboard, pick the option of becoming a seller, and choose the disbursement method that suits you best. Head up to the PUBG Mobile page and select “Sell PUBG Mobile Account Today.” Specify the account details, what you want to sell, and choose the option to put it up for sale.

Where I can sell my Steam account?

PlayerAuctionsPlayerAuctions is the Best Place to Sell Steam Account. PlayerAuctions is the safest and quickest player to player online trading platform. For the inexperienced and rookie gamers, it’s where players buy, sell, and trade online gaming-related stuff.

Where can I sell my fortnite accounts?

Gameflip is the simplest way to sell Fortnite items, whether you no longer want it or just need some cash. You can sell any in-game items on Gameflip that you can transfer to the buyer’s game account, except for Prohibited Items. Whether it’s a cosmetic skin or a rare item, you can sell them all on Gameflip.

Where is Playerauctions located?

ShanghaiPlayerauctionsTypePrivately held companyHeadquartersShanghaiProductsVirtual Currency, Game Accounts, In-game Items, PowerLeveling, Game Coaching, CD Keys, Game News / Media, and Game Stat toolsNumber of employees70 (2009)Websitehttps://www.playerauctions.com2 more rows

Can you use PayPal on PlayerAuctions?

Yes, PlayerAuctions does accept PayPal.

How do I cancel an order on Playerup?

If in event you need to cancel your order, please go to your 3 Way Conversation Ticket. In the upper right corner, click Change Order Status (Blue Icon) and select Buyer – Cancel Order.

Where can I sell my gaming account?

There are many websites that act as a marketplace for trading game accounts (e.g.,,, If possible, it is advisable to deal face to face as it offers a sense of security for both sides.

How do you verify a payment method?

To find your verification code:Sign in to your bank account.Find the charge that matches the amount in Google Pay.On your Android-powered device, open the Google Pay app .At the bottom, tap Payment.Under the payment method, tap Verify.Choose the amount and tap Verify.

How do I sell my wow gold?

Selling wow gold in our marketplace is easy, fast and safe.Click the ‘Sell WoW Gold Today’ button at the top of the page. … After you have complete the registration, you can then put your wow gold up for sale. … Once there’s a buyer, you will receive a notification via email and please make sure you deliver in time.

How long does payment verification take Playerauctions?

It should take between 0 – 20 minutes. Note: If the Compliance Team requires more information from you, your order will be held until you provide that information. Check your email and phone to see if they have contacted you.

How do I verify payment information?

All repliesGo to Settings > [your name] > iTunes & App Store.Tap your Apple ID, then tap View Apple ID. … Tap Payment Information, then change or remove your information. … Make sure that your name and billing address exactly match the information on file with your financial institution, then tap Done.

How do I cancel a CSGO order?

The easiest way to do this is by using the online button provided at Simply log in there with your Steam user account, select the order you wish to cancel and the problem you are having, then press the button labeled “I’d like to request a refund”.