How Long Do G2g Orders Take?

How do I get a g2g account?

How do I register as a seller?Before you can register as a seller, you must first sign up an account at G2G Marketplace.Click on “Sell at G2G”You are required to undergo verification before permission is granted..

What are g2g tokens?

G2G Points is G2G loyalty scheme. G2G Points is given upon successful transaction made for any product listed in G2G Marketplace. Buyers will receive a standard amount of tokens based on the product purchased. … The reward system is beneficial to gamers who are loyal and devoted to G2G.

Is buying wow gold Bannable?

So back in vanilla if you got caught buying gold once it was an instant perma ban, no warnings or second chance, no suspensions, just permanent account closure. Today policy does not permaban gold buyer but gives short suspensions.

Can you get scammed on g2g?

They earn free money, which is what will happen with the balance of my account. I hope you’re worth not to sell your things for A greeting. … Well, G2G itself is not a scam, but a lot of users are selling hacked accounts.

How do I verify my g2g account?

How do I complete the seller verification?Scan the QR code using the barcode scanner app installed in your mobile phone or tablet. … Prepare your document. … Click confirm after you have successfully captured a clear image. … Now do the same for the back of your ID card.Then confirm again after you have taken a clear image.More items…•

Is buying gold from g2g safe?

Buy Wow Gold With Peace of Mind at Gamer to Gamer G2G guarantees all of its sales, meaning that clients don’t have to worry about being short-changed or scammed by other players. Our administrators monitor and enforce all transactions so that both sides of the exchange live up to their side of the bargain.

How do I use g2g?

Top Up G2G Store CreditClick on your profile icon on the top menu and select G2G Store Credit.Enter the amount you want to reload and click “Top up now”.Select payment method and proceed to Checkout.You will receive the order number once you have successfully completed the transaction.

Does g2g accept Mastercard?

1Select Mastercard as your preferred checkout method. Fill in your credit card details and click on pay. Follow the instructions on the screen to complete the transaction.

Is RVGM safe?

An additional safety feature is to click on the Live Help Button on our website. That links you directly to an staff. When you follow the above procedures, your trade or purchase from will always be 100% safe!

How do I withdraw money from g2g?

Go to “My G2G” and click “Payment”. You can choose to convert your funds or proceed with the withdrawal. 2. To convert your funds prior to withdrawal, click “Convert” and select your preferred currency.

How do I buy on g2g?

How to buy?Before placing order, remember to disable the pop-up blocker of your web browser. … Fill in the the quantity you want to buy and select the delivery method. … Select payment method and click “Pay Now”.You will receive the order number after you have made the payment.

Is g2g a good site?

G2G has a consumer rating of 3.98 stars from 173 reviews indicating that most consumers are generally satisfied with their purchases. G2G also ranks 10th among Video Games Other sites.

What is g2g?

Interjection. G2G. (Internet slang) Abbreviation of got to go. (Internet slang) Abbreviation of get together.