Can You Kill Nero Soldiers Days Gone?

What is the Nero secret weapon?

Okay, completing the final secret mission that unlocks after you’ve finished the game will give you the crafting recipe for an ‘Unknown NERO Weapon’.

Crafting it with all the tech you find will give you the IPCA stun gun originally used by Siphon Filter star Gabe Logan (a PS1 era Sony Bend game)..

What does the secret ending in days gone mean?

Days Gone Secret Ending Explained O’Brian reveals that his higher ups at Nero, who have been researching the virus, have known all along that the virus has been mutating. In fact, it is mutating to an extent where it will begin to affect the lymphatic system of those currently unaffected.

What happened to O’Brian days gone?

Due to being shot at, O’Brian and his team are forced to abandon Deacon. At the end of the game, it is revealed that he has been infected with an evolved strain of the Freaker Virus that giving superhuman agility and strength but still enable him to maintain human intelligence.

How many Nero injectors are there?

30There are 30 in all, 10 for each ability, so while you can concentrate on building up certain skills first, you will eventually max them all out.

Is Sarah really dead in days gone?

Days Gone’s Ending Twist In one of Days Gone’s many twists, Deacon is revealed to have been correct all along in his obsession: Sarah is still alive. Not only is she still alive, but Deacon finds her without any pomp and circumstance.

Does Boozer die?

Does Boozer Die in Days Gone? To put things plainly, no, Boozer does not die in Days Gone despite the game teasing his death multiple times in the story. At the start of the game, Boozer’s arm gets injured, and it’s obvious that Deacon won’t be able to nurse him back to health on his own.

Can you change clothes in days gone?

In Days Gone, players won’t be able to change their clothes, but there are good reasons for that. … In Days Gone, Deacon dresses in a character-appropriate attire of a biker in the Northwest United States, and there’s a good reason players can’t change his outfit, which includes his signature backwards cap.

Is days gone a scary game?

20 Worst: Days Gone Is Not Remotely Scary So you’d at the very least expect the game to be scary with a feeling of tense dread. Unfortunately, Days Gone is – perhaps intentionally – completely lacking in both because as a gameplay mechanic dealing with the becomes more about experimentation than it does survival.

Does deacon like Rikki?

Trivia. Rikki is bisexual, as she is in a romantic relationship with Addy, but also has romantic feelings for Deacon.

How do you get past Nero in days gone?

Follow Nero ResearcherTry throwing a rock so you can sneak by the first Nero guard.When crouching in these thicker bushes you’re invisible to nearby enemies.Once you’re close to the Nero researcher, stand behind the stairs and eavesdrop on the researcher.Eventually the Nero researcher will start walking away.More items…•

How many Nero checkpoints are there?

30There are 30 in total, and they are found in two types of locations – Nero Research Sites and Nero Checkpoints. Nero Research Sites can be found mostly inside of caves or around empty campsites, but some will require you to boost yourself with your bike.

How do you get to Chemult Nero checkpoint?

This Checkpoint is only accessible after the completion of the mission entitled “You Couldn’t Stop Shaking“. The first thing to do when you arrive near the Checkpoint will be to scout the surroundings in search of the horde that occupies the area (pictures1-2).

What do you get for killing all the hordes in days gone?

Days Gone Horde rewards explained. Finding and wiping out all 37 Freaker hordes results in you obtaining the St. John Horde Killer Custom Skin for your motorcycle. Additionally, each individual horde slain will gain you a chunk of trust for that region as well as a handful of experience points.

What is the Nero weapon in days gone?

DAYS GONE: killing every enemy with the unknown NERO weapon – IPCA stun gun.

How do you get the secret ending in days gone?

In order to unlock the secret ending simply go about your business during the Days Gone endgame. Eventually, you’ll get a radio call from O’Brian, the NERO researcher Deacon has been contacting throughout the game. The call will trigger a storyline titled “There’s Nothing You Can Do”.

Does days gone have DLC?

Days Gone DLC is rolling out now and it just made the Farewell Wilderness even more inhospitable. The first new feature for the open-world apocalypse is Survival Mode, which makes enemies tougher and your own user interface far less accomodating.

What is the best weapon in days gone?

Chicago ChopperThe best weapon in Days Gone is the Chicago Chopper. It’s a type of submachine gun that holds 55 rounds in the clip and has a high rate of fire.

Where is the fuse at Santiam tunnel Nero checkpoint?

But first, you’ll need a Nero Fuse located inside a Freakers Nest (pictured above). Once you burn the nest close to the tunnel’s entrance grab the fuse on the ground, then place it in the fuse box on the MMU building’s front wall.

Is days gone better now?

Days Gone is a much better game now than it was 12 months ago, but its fascinating in-game narrative has always stayed the same. The biker-led world of Oregon tells such an interesting post-apocalyptic story, filled with branches that could be explored in a sequel.