Since We Can’t All Just Get Boxes of Books | A Very Merry Bookish Christmas

It’s the Very Merry Bookish Christmastime Again (and all other holidays celebrated at this point in the year).  If you want to get something special, for a nerd word on your list, check out the following items, categorized in random ways. Happy Shopping, word birds.

For the Classy Book Lover:


  1. Book Lover’s Chocolate @ Bridge Brands Chocolate, $19.99. BUY IT HERE.
  2. Penguin Drop Caps @ Penguin, Price Varies. BUY THEM HERE.
  3. Reader’s Table @ Brookstone, SALE $59.99. BUY IT HERE.
  4. Vintage Book of the Month Club @ Etsy: The Lonely Book Junkie, $170. BUY IT HERE.
  5. Library Embosser @ Horchow, $26.00. BUY IT HERE.
  6. Enchanted Library Candle @ Etsy: Form & Flux, $15.00. BUY IT HERE.
  7. Personalized Library Sign @ Etsy: Sweet Peony Press, $24.00. BUY IT HERE.
  8. Anything in the Cynthia Rowley for Staples Collection, Price Varies. BUY IT HERE.
  9. Grammar Teacups @ Etsy: Venue Decor, $32.00. BUY IT HERE.

For the Traveler Book Lover:


  1. Shakespearian Insult Bandages @ Mcphee, $5.95. BUY IT HERE.
  2. Steampunk Flask @ Entertainment Earth, $29.99. BUY IT HERE.
  3. Book on Book @ Buddy Tools. BUY IT HERE.
  4. Book Lover Matches @ Etsy: DippyLuLu, $22.00. BUY IT HERE.
  5. Book Tent @ Field Candy, $295.00 (LB). BUY IT HERE.
  6. Book Wrapped Pencils @ Etsy: Bouncing Ball Creation, $10.00. BUY THEM HERE.
  7. Assorted Library Card Set @ Paper Goods, $8.00. BUY IT HERE.
  8. Book Map Original Open Edition @ Dorothy, (LB)25.00. BUY IT HERE.
  9. Book Decals for Stairs @ Etsy: VIP Decals, $12.00. BUY THEM HERE.

For the Techie Book Lover:


  1. Periodic Table of World Literature @ Amazon, Out of Stock. BUY IT HERE.
  2. PosterText Poster @ Postertext, $29.95. BUY IT HERE.
  3. Book Lamp @ Lililite, (LB)$129. BUY IT HERE.
  4. Book Shaped Light @ Studio Mei Boom, (LB) 89.00 BUY IT HERE.
  5. Bookbook For Macbook Air @ Twelve South, $79.00. BUY IT HERE.
  6. Old Book Messenger Bag @ Thinkgeek, SALE $34.99. BUY IT HERE.
  7. La Sardinia Camera @ Thinkgeek, $199.99. BUY IT HERE.
  8. Captain America Steering Wheel Cover @ Etsy: Joy Ride Covers, $12.50 BUY IT HERE.
  9. Gear Bookends Personalized @ Etsy: Graphic Space Wood, $55.00. BUY IT HERE.

Gifts I Would Buy My Geeky Boyfriend:


  1. Edgar Allen Poe Socks @ Out of Print Clothing, $10. BUY THEM HERE.
  2. Olde Book Pillow @ Think Geek, $24.99. BUY IT HERE.
  3. Hogwarts Lounge Pants @ Think Geek, $24.99. BUY THEM HERE.
  4. Game of Thrones Banners @ Think Geek, $19.99. BUY THEM HERE.
  5. Doctor Who Bookends @ Think Geek, $79.99. BUY THEM HERE.
  6. Hobbit Map of Middle Earth @ Think Geek, $39.99. BUY IT HERE.
  7. Ministry of Magic Toilet Decal @ Etsy: Word Factory Design, $5.95+. BUY IT HERE.
  8. Nightmare Before Christmas Vinyl Wall Clock @ Etsy: High5Design, $50.00 BUY IT HERE.
  9. Pulp Fiction Movie Poster @ Etsy: Encore Design Studios, $9.95+. BUY IT HERE.

For The Whatever Type of Bookish I Am:


  1. Fold Over Clutch of Ancient Jerusalem @ Etsy: Efratul, $26.00. BUY IT HERE.
  2. The Book Was Better Tee @ Etsy: Yoma Wear, $15.00. BUY IT HERE.
  3. Felt Book Corner @ Etsy: Inspirational Gecko, $8.94. BUY IT HERE.
  4. Poetry Tights @ Etsy: Coline Design, $24.90+. BUY THEM HERE.
  5. Library Due Date Scarf @ Etsy: Cyberoptix, $44.00. BUY IT HERE.
  6. Alice in Wonderland Wall Decal @ Etsy: Mirshkastudio, $7.00+ BUY IT HERE.
  7. Stacked Book Necklace @ Etsy: My Mini Munchie, $18.00 BUY IT HERE.
  8. Custom Made Wooden Book Rack @ Etsy: Agustav, $110.00. BUY IT HERE.
  9. Women’s Cat Sweater @ Etsy: Xenotees, $39.99. BUY IT HERE.

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