My (new) biggest advice for girls who are starting to date is to date someone who likes to weekend the same way you do.  When you get a big girl job, or you’re life-expected to work a full week and come home to lethargy and reality television, it’s best to date someone who wants to weekend.  This can mean a lot of things.  This means, for me, someone who will go to the museum with me and then be patient when I want to read, throughly, every single sign posted near an exhibition until the second floor where I will inevitably get tired and miss whole parts of the upper floor exhibitions. My boyfriend knows so well this habit that he takes me to the best parts first.  Someone who will drive an hour away, and two hours early (whoops) for a drive-in movie.  Someone who finds undiscovered gems on Google and then off-rhythm car dances with me to find said gem in the middle of a wooded state park.

And thus, the quarry.

Date someone who stops for a twenty inch float and the pharmacy that’s covered in hippie flowers, travels to the quarry, sunscreens up, then dives into said float which will later be used as a sombrero for the walk back.  Date someone who panic flails when he jumps off the 25 ft cliff at the long edge of the [rec]circle of the quarry.  Date someone who knows you’re scared of putting your feet low, but doesn’t pick on you for floating.  There’s something about the silence when your ears are underwater, but you know the birds wings are rippling above you and they’re calling to one another about the prospects of a nest.  Something deep below, in the place just out of where you can see the end of your toes, there might be a stitch of sound.  Nothing that coats the silence though. I love this feeling.  The sun is hard and true, but my eyes are closed and the clear green of the lake makes everything still, my ears muffed by fresh water.

And this is why you date a guy who weekends (like you do).

Because you could just as well date a guy who wants to cook seven full course meals on the weekends with you because you have a sweet tooth (that needs a salty addition). Or you could date  a guy who wants to watch endless hours of NCIS with a small break for Bad Boys II when it’s on USA.  (I have one of those, but that’s his weeknight digest attitude).  Maybe someone who will peruse the bookstore shelves, take #bookface photos in the perfect position, pocket the book you squealed about and secretly check out while you get coffee.  Even the guy who will eat Mexican food for four weekend meals, including breakfast (the Taco Bell breakfast burrito ain’t all bad).

Whatever it is you like to do on the weekend. Which is your free time. Your down time. Your time for yourself when you get to make choices that aren’t dependent on other people and other people’s schedules. Choose a boy that wants to weekend the same way. Make it a verb. Add the -ing.



Chaco tree shadows // The walk in had good light.


Forest Lines


Eno Quarry View


The water was SO clear.


Ready to jump


The boyfriend.


Fresh water face (hey, eyeliner).


This green is only nature made


View of the pack-up

Processed with VSCOcam with c1 preset

Got some good luck


Fresh water laughter


Close up of my good luck


The end of a good day

Screen Shot 2015-08-03 at 8.07.08 PM

Watermelon cuddles

Screen Shot 2015-08-03 at 8.07.27 PM

The first thing that happened on this day was coffee. Must have for any adventure.



12 thoughts on “Weekending

  1. maedez says:

    Ah, and then some of us grow up to marry a restaurant professional…in which case, weekends of togetherness take on a mythological quality. Then it becomes a question of how do you spend random Wednesday evenings or Monday mornings together? Seriously, though, your “weekend” (what is this, again?) looks like soooo much fun. You look like The Queen of Happiness.

    • Cassie says:

      Ah! That either means good leftovers, or wonderfully cherished Wednesdays. The best thing about Wednesdays and Mondays here in the South is there is MOST DEFINITELY a bingo evening going on. And yes, that read BINGO, which is somehow one of the most fun activities there is. : )

      This was our trip to the local quarry this weekend, which could be done on a Wednesday, too! WOO! I’ll try to do something AWESOME on Wednesday this week in honor of your time.

      • maedez says:

        Well, there’s no denying that I eat well. Marrying a chef has that effect.

        I have not played BINGO in….well, a long time. It’s not quite the big thing here as it is in the South. It’s fun, though.

        I will say that one advantage of doing things during the week vs. the weekend is that places are never as busy! Whatever you end up doing on Wednesday, enjoy every moment of it.

      • Cassie says:

        That’s true! I prefer to actually eat out on weekdays because there are hardly ever waits. What’s your husband’s best meal? I can’t cook at all so I’m always wondering what great cooks love the most (or family members of great cooks love the most).

        I think with bingo – I love the old people the most.

        And I will do my best, dear! You as well on your weeknight adventures!

      • maedez says:

        Yeah, even if he was off on weekends I think that we’d still dine out mostly on weekdays. It is so much easier.

        My fave meal of my husband’s is usually whatever he made me most recently. Otherwise, it would be too hard to choose a favourite. Everything he makes is delish. I definitely looooove all of his veggie dishes. He makes a mean sauteed celery, for one thing.

        That is a great reason to love BINGO. Old people are wonderful.

      • Cassie says:

        I have never ever had sautéed celery but it sounds like magic. I’m getting hungry just thinking about it.

        Next time, I’m going to try to find a retirement dance or something because that would just be…. The most fun.

      • maedez says:

        It. is. so. good. I’d never had it until I met my future husband. I’d be happy to email you the recipe, as I have your email from when you did the reading questionnaire for my blog. Of course, you’d have to have someone else cook it for you (although it is really easy).

        A retirement dance sounds so cute. I want to go hang out at a nursing home now.

      • maedez says:

        I’ll send it tomorrow. My husband, who has the recipe in his brain, is closing the restaurant tonight.

        Volunteers/visitors at nursing homes make such a difference!

  2. cricketmuse says:

    Marrying the guy who understands all that makes for a happy life. You have the dragonfly to start you out. Teachers have s two month weekend to make up for those extra long weeks during the year that drift into our weekends. Enjoy!

  3. Meg says:

    A very sweet post with so much truth! When you’re young (silly, crazy, naive? All of the above. I’ve been there), you don’t necessarily think about basics like: Does this person like doing the stuff I like to do? and Am I willing to do what he wants to do sometimes? But my God, that’s important. Weekending together is so important. Though I try to enjoy each day, Mondays just suck a lot more than Saturdays, you know?


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