Newsday Tuesday


Favorite Tweets:

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Favorite Search Terms:

  • poem test compared to bowel movement: I want to think this is a high school student so anxious about a poetry analysis test that they have to use the bathroom for a #2.
  • british authors by movement: Even I want to read the blog titled, “British Authors by (bowel) Movement”
  • dirty standardized test cartoons: When, WHEN, in what world, would you need to google this? Someone please comment with ideas.
  • i hate what you are doing: I just love that people google things like this & then they get my blog.

Book News:

Some Comments:

1. I do not condone Oprah’s book picks in the slightest.  I have, maybe once, liked a book that she recommended.  However, it has been snowing for 13 hours straight here and is supposed to continue for the next three days, so a wintry book list might just be good.

2. I chose the librarian’s picture with the cat shirt from Slate’s, “This Is What a Librarian Looks Like” article because she looks just like me as a first year teacher (and probably how I still look in my second year) trying to figure out how to dress like a teacher, or in her case, a librarian.  I am constantly wearing weird things that are in my own style, with things that “look like” what a teacher should “look like.”  For example, shoes covered in cats with a type writer necklace, paired with a black polka dot shirt under an orange wool knit sweater.  I already have weird style, but trying to add appropriate teacher wear to that has been interesting.  The girl…is wearing a cat sweater.  She’s a librarian after my own heart.

Example of Pet Peeve.

Example of Pet Peeve.

3. I make up words ALL THE TIME on this blog.  I’m sure people catch me sometimes, or they just scratch their heads like “Is that a word?” I totally encourage this ‘Made Up Word Project’ but not if in involves using words from text messages.  My biggest pet peeve is when people spell words wrong, but the word is the same length as the original, see example to the left. “Todai” is just as long as the actual word today, why….WHY. THIS CRUEL WORLD.

4. I read Kristen Stewarts’ poem in Marie Claire.  This is an example of why I don’t let my students use thesauruses until they’ve been through MANY, MANY drafts.  They either need to search their own vocabularies or brainstorm with the kid next to them. I mean, Turkish words in poems…while driving? I don’t think so Stewart, you don’t fool me.

5. Hunter S. Thompson is one writer I would raise from the dead if I could have that superpower.  I’d probably have to raise him about four times because he’s the kind of guy that would kill himself in any life.

6. I think it’s terrifying that writers cannot use their words to voice opinions that should be free…to be.  I am thankful everyday that I live in a country where free speech is available to me and I can blog about pretty much anything (even if I am flagged by the government) because this is a sincere part of our constitution.  I know that this right in our country is often called into question, however, we are not hanging the poets that give words to the people who are not allowed, or cannot for whatever reason, speak.

7. I am in the middle of teaching my students about propaganda’s use in wars and how it’s always a key aspect of brainwashing or convincing people on which side they should align.  I am disgusted with the ‘Gay Propoganda’ coming out of Russia.  This is my stance.  In truth, I am disgusted with all HATE propaganda. My favorite way to teach students about propaganda is by using the old Superman t.v. shows on Youtube created by American companies against the Japanese during WWII.

8. That Mojgani poem needs to be read for the hanging of this Iranian poet. That is all.

2 thoughts on “Newsday Tuesday

    • Cassie says:

      Haha, I immediately read “Cassie commented on your blog….” and I was like YES, CASSIE’S WILL RULE THE WORLD! You have the best name too, no doubt about it.

      I’m going to check out your blog now even though it’s automatically awesome.


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