Swoon-Worthy Bookish Valentine Gift Guide


Create your own flame with this Bookish Valentine Gift Guide

The Big-Hearted Book Lover:

Big Hearted Book Lover

Big Hearted Book Lover

For the Coffee Shop Daters:


For the Bright & Bookish:


For the Note Passer:


For the Girl Who Carries Her Weight in Books:


For the Girl With Lists That Have No Titles:


Girls Who Celebrate Caturday with Books:


Bookish on a Budget (Nothing Over $15):


19 thoughts on “Swoon-Worthy Bookish Valentine Gift Guide

  1. Bea says:

    Me too!! What a great idea! I will be especially nice to all my Valentines, and also spread some random kindness to someone unexpectedly. Thanks ladies!
    I do love the above list. Thanks for doing my shopping for me.

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