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A little message for teachers everywhere from my dear friend Nat.

I find it really hard to dress myself.  Not only that, but now as a teacher, I have to dress myself professionally.  I follow a lot of awesome teacher dress blogs and just blogs of classy ladies.  Here are a few that I love:

In an effort to dress like more of a professional, I decided to share my outfits with the blogging world.  I feel like if other people are judging me then I’ll be more likely to step my game up.  To tell the truth, I change outfits like four times every morning and I haven’t conquered that habit yet.  I’ve been doing it since middle school and in an effort to not waste time in the morning after hitting the gym, I want to get better at planning.  I’m just not sure in the evening if I want to wear a dress the next day, or khakis and a dorky sweater.   Hopefully, this will help.


I wanted to stand-out on the first day, probably exactly like most of my students, but I wanted to do it through a pop of color.  I found this linen tulip skirt at Talbots and this girl can’t resist a long summer skirt.  Please forgive that hand-crocheted scarf that I stole from my mom, it will have a feature in every photo.

First Day Tulip Skirt

First Day Tulip Skirt

I used to think Talbots was an old lady store and why would I ever want to buy patterned cotton shirts, but turns out I crossed that age gap of the grand twenty-five and love a good old lady store.  BRING IT ON, STRETCH PANTS.

  • Shirt | Kohls ($10.00)
  • Skirt | Talbots ($24.00)
  • Belt | Belks (Came with some trousers)


The french word for Target is Tarjeaux.  I like to think this yellow sweater came from the artist formally known as Target.

What's a boyfriend sweater? Do I get to wear it? - My boyfriend

  • White Shirt | Mom’s Closet
  • Yellow Boyfriend Sweater | Target ($24.99)
  • Black Dress Pants | High School (Yea, I’ve been the same size for ages)
  • Fake Skin Belt | American Eagle ($5.00)
  • Nude Ballet Flats | Chaps ($15.00)


Please ignore the oddly yellow tint to my teeth.  Thanks for the insecurity, Picasa.  I am obsessed with this fair trade swirl necklace so whenever I wear it, I plan my outfit around it.  Plus, I got to wear polka dotted pattern pants and any day that happens, it’s a good day.


  • Shirt | Kohls ($10.00)
  • Pants | Cynthia Rowley ($22.00)
  • Shoes | Umbrella Flats @ Oldnavy ($10.00)
  • Swirl Necklace | Fair Trade @ Ten Thousand Villages ($14.00)


White after Labor Day

  • Shirt | Lacy Button-up @ Abercrombie (Christmas)
  • White Khakis | Gap ($30.00)
  • Ballet Flats | Lucky ($25.00)
  • Watch | Fossil ($60.00) I have a watch weakness.  This one is a man’s watch and I felt like a powerful CEO when I bought it.  Plus, it was on super sale.  SCORE!

I haven’t been updating with books lately because I’m teaching three different subjects this semester, ya’ll.  I have Creative Writing, Newspaper and 9th Grade English.  They’re all wonderful, but they’re SO HARD.  I’m not stressed yet, but I’m definitely feeling like the world is hunched on my shoulders and I’m holding it up while balancing three plates on my chin and trying to put a bow in my hair.  I will get better at time management as it goes on.  This weekend, I went to a wedding with my love and his family.  It was beautiful, as weddings go, and I saw my first-ever bear in the wild.  It was a black bear and it was ripping apart the trash can at our rental house.  The boy, trying to be daring of course, and all man, decided it was a good idea to stand on the porch and shine a light on the bear.  I got a full view look and I can mark that off my bucket list.  Here are some pictures.

Our cabin in Swannanoa was called "An Artist's getaway" and was beautiful.

Our cabin in Swannanoa was called “An Artist’s getaway” and was beautiful.

We took a little side trip to the Biltmore House.   I may just have the best almost Mother-in-Law ever.  How lucky am I?

We took a little side trip to the Biltmore House.

Boyfriend's panorama

Boyfriend’s panorama

Galavanting the Garden scene @ Biltmore House

Galavanting the Garden scene @ Biltmore House

Koi the size of your head, OH!

Koi the size of your head, OH!

Graffiti @ Asheville

Graffiti @ Asheville

A little wedding action

A little wedding action

If anyone has any recommendations for wedding wear (as all my friends get married) or teacher wear, I’m all ears.  I want to look funky, but still like a professional.  I think my tattoos say funky sometimes without me having to wear funky, but a little style funk is good as well.

16 thoughts on “Life Lately | The Non-Bookish Post of the Week

  1. lucysfootball says:

    You are the loveliest teacher in all the land, and I am not at all surprised you have an amazing sense of style. I’d be more surprised if you didn’t. I have no clothing recommendations because I am in a clothing rut, which I am trying to pull myself out of. So this made me all kinds of happy and motivated.

    A bear in the wild! I am QUITE envious. I’ve never seen a bear. Only deer jumping around being deer-like. A bear would be VERY exciting!

    • Cassie says:

      Aw, you’re so sweet. I HATE clothing ruts. It makes everyday a bad day to start off and you just want to put on sweat pants and not go anywhere. I also hate that because if you choose to not do anything then you end up watching bad reality television which makes you feel worse because they’re ALWAYS dressed up in like tight bandaid dresses. UGH. So many bad things at once.

      When I’m in a rut, I just wear all black like I’m in mourning. Mourning for my colored cardigans.

      The bear was crazy. I was so not expecting to be woken up at 4 am like “BABE, THERE’S A BEAR OUTSIDE.” We could hear the grunting and the banging of the trash can. The crazy part was the trash lids were locked down and the bear broke the hinges to get to the trash. Bears are ridiculous it turns out and good at getting into locked things, which is both scary and makes me want to watch many-a documentary.

      Your review of Safe as Houses today made my day. I’m just so happy you loved that one. I feel like we have some deep connection now that we both loved that book.

  2. Brianna Soloski says:

    I have the worst time dressing myself. I have to dress like an adult when I go back to school and it’s killing me. I hate everything I own. I never have the right outfit for a situation. I need Pinterest closet to be a real thing – pin something and it appears. I’ve been cruising Gap and J. Crew’s websites for stuff – Gap has some nice pants and tops. J. Crew is pricy but it’s fun to dream. I also like Ann Taylor and New York and Company. My jewelry will likely always come from Forever 21.

    • Cassie says:

      Me too! I have clothes from high school till now and I thought j had to dress really stuffy as a teacher and not at all like myself. In fact, my mom and I went out and got suit coats because we thought that’s what teachers wear. I do love wearing them, but not in a full suit. All of the places you mention are great. I don’t shop at J. crew because they’re expensive but they do have a teacher discount.

      • Brianna Soloski says:

        I own a suit that I’ve never worn because I’ve never had reason to. I regret the purchase especially since I bought it when I wasn’t really working because I thought I was going to have an opportunity at a real job.

  3. Tara says:

    First of all, cute outfits! You are looking far more put-together than I did during my frazzled days in the classroom. Second, I’m loving those photos of the Biltmore. I used to work there — in the house, selling tickets and passing out audio guides. Best job I’ve ever had and I miss the crap out of that place!

    • Cassie says:

      Agreed! I needed that stress relief. Thank you, darling. I’m doing my best. It’s hard to have a sense of style and look professional, at least for me. I just want to have dress in weird clothes or jeans and a t-shirt. I can be boring that way. In high school, I wore a lot of 80s fashions – fishnets, highlighter colors, funky high heels. Loved it all.

  4. Bea says:

    I agree with the above blogger, Let’s Cut the Crap!, my favs are the red tulip skirt and the yellow sweater. There is nothing like a pop of color for the eyes. It looks like you have it under control. I enjoyed your stray from the book reviewing, momentarily, to allow a personal glimpse.


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