Let’s Get Organized, Organized! Binders Edition

***UPDATE 4.0:  GUYS, my students were fully-funded in less than 24 hours.  How do you say thank you for that kind of generosity.  Most of my students don’t get out of this county….ever, but with your help (coming mostly from the Northern states) maybe students will see that the big world out there isn’t as scary as they first thought.  There are still kind, wonderful people out there who are willing to give money to people they may never see just for the bright, happy smiles it will put on their faces.  My students next semester and the next semester and until these binders completely wear-out are going to be forever changed by your donation.  You just made a child happy, you should be beyond proud of that.  That’s the greatest thank you I can give, the thank you that my students will feel loved. 

PS. Erin, you rock.  Thank you for continuing to give even when the project was funded.  I’m amazed by the kindness.

***Update 3.0: The girls have come out full force folks.  Kate (and her husband Adam), Amy, Katie, Margaret, you’re angels, seriously.  I am thankful for each of you so very much.  We only have $41 left to reach this goal for every child who walks through my classroom to have a binder.  Everyone who has thought about my students, donated, or sent up a quick prayer for my county,  you have lit my world aflame with how quick, how generous, and how kind the world still is.  This is why we carry our cups half full.  Thank you.

***Update 2.0: Thanks to two more wonderful people, we only need $178 more! Thank you, thank you.  My students and I are so blessed. 

***Update: Thanks to two beautiful ladies, we only need $253 more! 

If you watch The Colbert Report or the Oprah Winfrey network, then you’ve probably heard about Donor’s Choose.  Donor’s Choose is a place for educators to get funding for projects within their classroom.

This week my project was posted for my small town classroom.  I’m looking for $375 in donations to buy every single one of my students a binder. I would love to be sitting here asking you for a musical instrument, some sort of poetry wheel-of-fortune game, or more technology for my classroom like a class set of kindles, but right now my students need the basics.  I will use your donations to fund every student a binder and if I get my project funded, I will also be buying (personally) every single one of my students a notebook, pencils and a pack of notecards.

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It’s no secret that I teach in a high poverty area. According to City-Data, 43% of the people living in my small town are below the poverty line.  You can see that devastation when the state is 21% below the poverty line which is still really high.  My small town had a very large factory and industrial scene a few years ago, but unfortunately most of that shut down and moved overseas.  I am looking to help my students and their families in any small way that we can. It’s that “EVERY LITTLE BIT HELPS” mentality.  These binders are going to make it that much easier on the parents when it comes to school supply shopping and I also plan to recycle them year-to-year to keep giving to more students.

My project will appear on Donor’s Choose for 4 months, but for THIS WEEK ONLY Donor’s Choose will match any donations (to the dollar) that people make as long as they type in the checkout code of INSPIRE when they donate.  This is me begging you to donate to my classroom.  I can promise in return that you will help teach the next generation the organization and responsibility skills that they so desperately need.  You will get them off their cellphones and into their books.  You will teach my students in particular that people out there believe in them.  There is a link to the right if you click the donor’s choose icon in my sidebars to my page.


I’m not sure if I’ve shared this story on the blog, but I once had a fellow teacher tell me that “we weren’t teaching the future of America.”  My students may not all be on grade-level for reading, they may come to me vastly behind the nation, and they may not be confident in their abilities to make it to college on anything other than a sport’s scholarship, but by the end of the year, with your support and mine, we can make them believe in the power of education.  This is me begging you to please help in purchasing just one binder for a student at the price of $4.

If you donate, you will receive:

  • A letter from my students (probably more like a rap from my students.  I’ll do an Edgar Allen Poe thing with them).
  • You will be able to see their happy faces with their bright, shiny, new binders.
  • You will be supporting the education of small-town America who aren’t often heard.
  • You will get a big “thank you” banner above my classroom door so that my students can look up and see the people that are thinking about them.
  • I will personally write an organization rap and post it on this blog (if I still can, I may not have video anymore), but if not, I will send you my rapping skill via the interwebs.
Who my students are.

Who my students are.

Here is the link to visit my project and read more about my students and my evil plan for this binders.

22 thoughts on “Let’s Get Organized, Organized! Binders Edition

  1. lucysfootball says:

    Payday’s on Thursday. You’re on top of my list. Before bills, even.

    Kids need binders. (Plus I want to see the kids rap me some Poe, yo.)

    Love your face. You’re the best teacher of all the teachers.

    • Cassie says:

      You my darling, are unreal. Thank you for sharing the link on twitter and for being so supportive. Just knowing you’re thinking about us makes my heart warm. LOVE YOUR FACE BACK! I can’t wait to see what kind of insane raps my kids write for you. I’ll have to find one of my students, Keem, from last semester because he’s the best with Poe.

      • Cassie says:

        Amy – OHMYGOSH – I love this website. Thank you so much darling. This will be such a benefit. And thanks to you for helping with funding it so quickly. I am beyond excited about it.

      • Cassie says:

        I will be sure to post some fun things that my students are doing so that you can live vicariously though them. : ) That’s how I feel everyday, minus all the …. popularity contests, worries about boys, and acne (although sometimes it still just pops up).

  2. cricketmuse says:

    Congrats. I know that binders make a difference in keeping students organized, and an organized student becomes better prepared to achieve their potential.
    Wait, why are we talking school stuff–silly, we are supposed to be on vacation!!

    • Cassie says:

      I was AT SCHOOL TODAY. How insane am I? I wanted to organize my room a little bit and bring my supplies so I didn’t have to rush job that before school. No, you’re right, I’m insane.

      • cricketmuse says:

        There must be a support group for teachers (I’m including myself) who can’t stay away from school during summer. If you find one let me know; I’m beginning to get itchy about arranging my room as well. Do we love our profession or are we just plain nustso?

      • Cassie says:

        I am Cassie and I can’t stop thinking about my job even on summer break. Whoops! Itching Teachers Anonymous. I would LOVE to see your classroom when you go back. I love getting ideas from other teachers. : )

      • cricketmuse says:

        What grade level do you teach? As a high school teacher I tend to keep my room fairly sparse in decorations in order to keep students focused on the lesson instead of the brain booster of the day or the new set of posters.
        I focus more on functionality: student centers (supplies, racks for assignments); bulletin boards (daily info, need to know, coming events)

      • Cassie says:

        I teach high school as well, 9th grade.

        I had a classroom much like yours last year, but this year I’ve gone out to get lots of color and I made a reading center because my students are way beyond on reading when they come to me so anything to inspire them to pick up a book is what I will do. I know that sounds really elementary, but I’m hoping it will help.

        I’ve also upped my organization techniques because I had paper piles everywhere last year. It was a hot mess. I had an organization day every month just to hack away at those piles and file them and organize them. This year, I plan to be on top of that.

      • cricketmuse says:

        Organization is essential, especially with ninth graders. I have also found that they need consistency, a routine, so I am careful to keep the room pretty much the same in arrangement in order for them to not complain, “I didn’t know (where to put it, where to find it, what to do). I, too, need to insert a bit more color in my room. I’m thinking of holding a poster swap when we all return as I am tired of the same old things on the wall and don’t want to spend my own money buying new ones.

  3. Sue says:

    Your project was already finished, so I donated to someone else’s project. I found another teacher who needed organizing materials! So if you get an email saying your “friend” donated and you are wondering who the heck that is, it was a blog reader.

    • Cassie says:

      Sue, thank you so much. I definitely appreciate you donating and I so appreciate you donating to another teacher. I think in correct in saying, all of us teacher-people appreciate you. Thank you for thinking of our students! 📚💚

      • Sue says:

        Yes! I’ll definitely donate if you post another project on Donors Choose, it’s so fun being a fairy godmother!

      • Cassie says:

        That is the perfect way to put it! Now if only I could find my glass slippers. :) I am thinking I will post another project, but I’m not exactly sure what I need. I don’t want to post for something silly and useless so I really need to think about it. I just know there’s a difference between necessary and fun. :)

  4. grainsifter says:

    Cassie… I realized after I made my donation that I hadn’t put in the code to get the match. I contacted them and have a code for you. Shoot me an email and I’ll send it to you so you can get the $$.


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