Newsday Tuesday


Favorite Tweets:

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Favorite Search Terms:

  • naming plants in the garden: I can’t get the idea of having a moon flower garden out of my head.  In the book, the boyfriend says, “Why would you want to grow flowers in the dark when no one can see them?”  I can think of about a thousand little secrets why.
  • type of narrator in your high school english class look at mr. killian’s face. decide faces are important. write a villanelle about pores. struggle. write a sonn...: This is so long it had dot, dot, dot in my search terms.  I feel like this is my life right now except I don’t wear tweed like Mr. Killian and I’m the proud owner of femininity.
  • jessica rabbit crotch: Who searches cartoon crotches?  You couldn’t have used a prettier word? Why.  Why, I ask.

Books News:


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