Newsday Tuesday


Favorite Tweets:

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Favorite Search Terms:

  • Raven bread: This is either a town in a book about witches, or some sort of delicious chocolate-striped dessert loaf. 
  • “brylie” “sarah drummond:” So someone decided to google two of my closest friends on the planet.  Weird….
  • I love reading books because: FINISH THE SENTENCE GOOGLE

Book News:

I feel like I could post this video alone on the blog and let it speak the volumes I try to speak to my high school students everyday.  Today, instead of fighting another kid, a student asked me to pick him up from the cafeteria when the bell rang.  Instead of sticking his fists where the words hurt, he used his words to be a bigger person.  I told him, we’re dominant on the animal food chain because we have the ability to reason.  I told him not to give someone else control of himself because that’s what fighting is.  I told him not to listen to his friends who won’t have a fighting blemish on their record just from cheering him on.  We have the ability to say, no, I will not be that guy, that girl, that person, that nobody, that somebody, THAT.  I will walk into that cafeteria everyday if I have to, through the hoards of students, to remind just one of my students that they’re important, they’re beautiful, they’re worth it.  Tell someone you love them today, tell them they fill a space inside you that rings when they speak.

4 thoughts on “Newsday Tuesday

  1. annbl0gs says:

    That “To this day project” video made me cry when I first saw it. I find it beautiful, and it seems many other people do too, and I’m glad. Like many other people, I was bullied as a child and, I admit, did my own fair share of bullying too, possibly as a way to “push back.” I don’t know. I was really, really glad to read your description of how you dealt with the student who asked for help. If a teacher or other adult had told me those same things, I’ll bet I could have avoided a lot of pain. I also like how beautifully you put being a bigger person, using reason, etc. I have not thought of it that way, if I ever have a child I think I’ll put it that way to them, too.
    BTW: Your blog is uber-creative and inspiring. I like it!!

    • Cassie says:

      Isn’t it lovely. I thought not only were the words spectacular but the animations. My students were silent for a bit afterwards and then they said, “That went hard,” which for them means it’s completely awesome. Hahaha. I think everyone gets bullied in some way and everyone bullies someone else. It’s like some sort of bad wiring or nature that we all have, unfortunately. Thank you so much for your kind words about my conversation with my student. I think I could have written a ridiculous essay on the subject so keeping that to a paragraph felt odd.

      Thank you for the comments on my blog too! You’re so sweet! : )


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