Last Friday Night (Self-Promise #4)

4. Practicing water color until I paint something good enough to hang on the library wall.

I’m obsessed with the Koi Water Color Field Sketch Travel Kit.  I almost treat it at the level with which I treat my favorite Papermate  yellow pen.  It hasn’t quite reached that golden glory though.  I got a little purse for it that zips closed so that I can keep it safe in my purse.  You know all those book characters that hide in the pockets of my bags can’t undo zippers.  That could have turned into a really dirty joke. PUN INTENDED!

Screen shot 2013-01-18 at 8.48.48 PM

Instead of painting a Cezanne, I decided to illuminate the bookmarks I make for my students at the beginning of the semester.  Last year I made paper cut-out elephants, elves, frogs and fish.  One of these things is not like the other.  They destroyed those by using them as bathroom passes.  Don’t worry, I will now be housing an apron that is stitched with the following, “I’m going to the bathroom, I’ll be a sweetie and wipe the seatie.”  You have to be humiliating with high school students.  I made plenty of aprons earning girl scout badges so this shouldn’t be a problem.  Anyway, I decided to water color book quotes onto cut up used folders.  I felt like an friend of the earth.  I was recycling, water coloring, and being bookish.

Unfortunately, I was impatient and didn’t wait for the sunlight to warm my photos; I just them in the artificial of my bedroom.  I’ll be making more.  If any wants in on my arts & crafts I would be happy to doodle something up for you and find a special little book haw for you as well.  Small moments of happiness are what this year is all about.  Plus, small moments of the freaky-deaky, it is 13 after all.  (Even if Taylor Swift would disagree with me, elevators are clearly on my side).

Bookish Water Color

Bookish Water Color

I, of course, turned to Roald Dahl quotes at first.  I didn’t have my “quote notebook,” which is formally known as, “Sally the Hanson Lover” with me at school and so I started writing quotes that I found on pinterest.  Bookish people hide in the corners of pinterest and publishers are wide open with new books.  If you haven’t discovered pinning and pining over things that you could complete remake your life around, you should try it.  When I got home, I went straight to Ms. Carson and Ms. Groff as I owe them buckets of infinite wisdom and mild obsession.

Kind over Matter

I will be creating about forty of these for my free bookmark bag on the front white board of my classroom.  Hopefully, my students will open The BFG, Matilda, or Delicate Edible Birds and be inspired by the voices and spirits within.  If we’re talking The BFG, they will probably be inspired by the farting.

I also found this awesome “bathroom mirror” poster.  For those of you who tape inspiration quote notecards to the margins of your mirrors.  Mine make me smile in the wee morning hours when I can barely hold a toothbrush straight and I need a little dream-catching to start my day.  Here’s a pull-here inspiration page, kind of like the Uncle who asks you to pull his finger.

I found it at Free Positive Thoughts

12 thoughts on “Last Friday Night (Self-Promise #4)

  1. cookiejarprincess says:

    I would love love love love a one-of-a-kind-hand-made-Cassie-rific-Matilda-ish-quotable-bookmark. You know, if you had the time and inclination to create such a thing.

  2. cross(stitch)yourheart says:

    I love the idea of a free bookmark bag. I fully intend to steal this idea and use it in my classroom as soon as I can find/make enough bookmarks to make it worth while.

    Thanks for sharing :)


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