10 thoughts on “A Holiday “Broetry” Reading

      • Brianna Soloski says:

        There are too many books and too much work. This working four jobs thing is such a pain. I wish I could just focus on my freelancing, but it doesn’t pay enough/provide steady enough work for me to quit my day job. I’m almost finished with When It Happens To You by Molly Ringwald and I have just over 100 pages in 1929 by M.L. Gardner. It also doesn’t help that I get interrupted on the weekends with the parental need to constantly be on the go. I need to move out, but the financial independence thing isn’t working out so well.

      • Cassie says:

        I listened to Molly Ringwald read from that on NPR and was interested in reading it, but I hate reading books by celebrity because I feel like they get book deals FAR EASIER even when they don’t deserve them. Man, I’m jaded. It’s not all unicorns and rainbows moving out. I really need my mom to come every night and personally cook for me and that would make it all better. : )

      • Brianna Soloski says:

        Lol. I love to cook, but don’t get much chance to. I have vastly different tastebuds than my family. As a published author, I definitely agree about the book deal thing. I struggle daily just to get by, when people who can barely write have through the roof sales, celebs & non-celebs alike.

  1. Bea says:

    May I have permission to put this on Facebook? If so, I will cook you something wonderful! As for the advantages of being Molly Ringwald, it is all sad, but true. Let us look at our movie stars…..Will Smith…Jaden Smith and Willow Smith, Goldie Hawn…..both of her children are actors. I could go on and on. Their children become actors, musicians, and authors. Last, but not least, because I like her….Bill and Hillary Clinton….Chelsea has a spot on the NBC news as a correspondent. Something tells me that alot of you bloggers would love that job. Keep trying ladies and gents. You can’t stop talent!

  2. Let's CUT the Crap! says:

    So cool to hear you read. This piece brought back memories I had no idea I might still recall (saying I remember them is not the same as I recalled them). Thank you. You have a FINE reading voice and I sat entranced until the end. Great Job!

    • Cassie says:

      Haha thank you dear! : ) I think this is the first time I put my voice to my face for my blog so it made me very nervous, but you have made me feel a lot better about it lovely. I hope you have the BEST holiday tomorrow and all your wishes come true.


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