Project 365 | Week 49

Day 347 | Cat Nap

Shoved in the cushion.

Shoved in the cushion.

Don’t ask me how I got a cat this handsome or this photogenic, but he’s even a looker while he sleeps.

Day 348 | Tree Trimming

First Real Christmas Tree

First Real Christmas Tree

Brittni couldn’t believe that I didn’t know that you have to water these.  She whipped out her little watering can like a ninety-year old gardener and showed me the way.

Day 349 | Away in a Manger



My mom took my nephew to look at Christmas lights and he suddenly became a shepherd boy. Fits right in with his converses and shaggy Justin Bieber hair.  (Does anyone know how to correctly spell Bieber)?

Day 350 | Midsummer



My new life quote.

Day 351 | SELFIE



Good hair days are few and far between.  They need evidence.

Day 352 | “Glitter is the herpes of crafting”  – BD

Bookish Bulbs

Bookish Bulbs

Sunday afternoon crafting session with my cat lady double.

Day 353 | Progress Reports

Period Grades

Period Grades

Progress reports is almost never a good day.  It was even raining.  Jane Eyre should have come in and taught them a thing about the weather dictating feelings.

14 thoughts on “Project 365 | Week 49

  1. Brianna Soloski says:

    You spelled Bieber correctly. Also, I’m jealous you have a real Christmas tree – your house must smell amazing. How’s Tiny Beautiful Things going?

    • Cassie says:

      I don’t have a real Christmas tree! I’m jealous too. My best friend does though. : ) So I get to enjoy it when I’m there. I do have a pumpkin pie smelly thing and that makes up for it because that thing can knock you out with how good it smells (Thanks, Walmart). Tiny Beautiful Things is going really well. I’m loving it. Just got into the third part, I guess I’m almost halfway there! YAY! Are you finished?

      • Brianna Soloski says:

        I wish. I set it aside in favor of a book with an earlier due date, but I’m hoping to get back to it tonight. I wish I had endless money so I could just buy the books I want to read instead of having to use the library.

  2. Bea says:

    Love this week’s pictures, especially Jasper and your good hair day. That Jasper is such a camera hog, but then again, he takes the best pictures! And, so do you and your hair!

  3. di @ life of di. says:

    We weren’t able to cut down our Christmas tree this year. I am still kind of bummed about it but at least we have a tree! Last year (our first year married) we had a sad, little, fake, Charlie Brown-type tree :( I think next year we will, hopefully, cut a real one down!


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