A Very Merry Bookish Holiday

Usually, readers are thought to be gentle, quiet souls.  People may say we have “old souls, we’ve lived so many lives.”  Which is true, if you count the number of characters we’ve been, places we’ve traveled and the sheer berth of our imaginations.  However, this list is anything but gentle, it roars like you do.  Whether you roar like a “sucking dove” or a lion, (thank you, Shakespeare) when you read, you roar.

Bookish Decking of the Halls:

Deck the Halls with Words and Metaphors Fa La La La La

For the Bookish Girl Who Likes to Eat and Read: 

Bookish Eatery

Gifts for the Grammar Guardian: (Holy Alliteration Batman)!

Gifts for the Artsy Bookie (like Wookie from Star Wars, but with books…)

Bookie Wookie

  • Top Left: DIY Chalk Board @ Your Local Craft Store.  Paint a board and hang it in your library.
  • Bottom Left: Playing with Books Book @ Your Local Bookstore | $13
  • Top Right: Book Box.  I’m not really for cutting up hardcovers, but if you must slay them, make it a worthy cause.
  • Bottom Right: Turn your composition book into a e-book cover @ Lil Blue Boo

Geekery: (Which basically means Cassie is scared of the dark and needs to be surrounded by books).

Geekery Prezzies

Geekery Prezzies

Wear Your Books & Your Words on Your Body. 

Wear your Books

Wear your Books

Writerly for Those that Lean Over a Desk for Fun:

Writerly Goods

Writerly Goods

Let’s Hear it for the Boys:

For the Manliest of Men, Readers

For the Manliest of Men, Readers

Curiosity Shop:

Just some curious finds for your odd bookie

Just some curious finds for your odd bookie

18 thoughts on “A Very Merry Bookish Holiday

  1. Bea says:

    Love the reading kitty bracelet, and also those very cute read and write bookends. I will have to check out some of these links, and see where it takes me. Merry Christmas All!

    • Cassie says:

      If you’re shopping the list and you feel like spending a bundle, I’ll take the penguin night light and the word tights. Just sayin’. Love you, Momma!


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