Project 365 | Week 46 & 47

Day 335 | Peter Pan

All Teeth

A Miniature Peter Pan.  Never wants to grow up, just jump on the bed.

Day 336 | Split Ends

Jas is really bad at the hair stylish, so we haven’t brought him.

Tail in the face, tail in the face.  Sounds like a Ren & Stimpy song.

Day 337 | It’s Risen! 


Bread that got left at my house when it was supposed to go to the Thanksgiving Table.  When making it again, it sunk.

Day 338 | Let Down Your Glory, Glory! 


Everyone needs a good sunset picture.

Day 339 | Nose Knows

The Night Creature

Day 340 | The Making

Mixing and Baking

The little bits of Thanksgiving. (Behind the scenes).

Day 341 | Quote of the Day


I thought my student’s quote and my quote went along together swimmingly. Shout out Lil’ Wayne for making that happen.

Day 342 | Double Mint Gum


Over Thanksgiving, we cloned my boyfriend.

Day 343 | Bump in the Road

If you’ve ever wondered how spoiled my cats are.

They not only model, they sleep like an old married couple.

Day 344 | Storytime

Bedtime Stories

Mau reading the menace bedtime stories.  I was kicked out of my position as almost-favorite and in stepped the boyfriend.

Day 346 | Happy Days

Christmas Card Photo

I won’t really put this in my Christmas card, but I will blast it out all over the blogosphere.  If you want a Christmas card, just email! : ) It’ll be like A Month of Letters all over again.


25 thoughts on “Project 365 | Week 46 & 47

  1. ameliaclaire92 says:

    Amazing photos, especially the last one! :) I’ve missed seeing your posts. I feel like it’s been FOREVER, though I’m sure it’s probably been less than a week….or maybe exactly a week, haha!

  2. Bea says:

    Loved the pictures!, and I am looking forward to the bookish gifts blog. It’s always a winner. Jasper and his tail is quite a picture, but I love him covered with a blanket that Fromage is on top of. He had to be warm as toast.
    So sorry your Thanksgiving was so hectic. Now you can look forward to the Christmas break!


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