Newsday Tuesday

Favorite Tweets:

Favorite Search Terms (IT’S BACK!):

  • you left me quotes: This short search term rhymes with so many funky little phrases.  You had me had hello.
  • folded-up notes: GUYS, seriously, note passing has become a work of art in high schools everywhere.  My students create these origami-like-creatures to send their notes to their darlings.
  • “a re-imagined florida in which the citizens of the state are born with magic talents”: Is this like Wildwood only set among palm trees?
  • dills love letters in To Kill a Mockingbird:  I will pay someone to write these for my 9th graders next semester.
  • celebrate pippa middleton grammar mistakes: It’s as if people would take a shot everytime they see an out of place comma.  #drunkgrammar

Book News:

7 thoughts on “Newsday Tuesday

  1. Bea says:

    You have outdone yourself with great links for your readers. I am going to head over to find out how to send books to the troops and send $ to help the schools affected by Hurricane Sandy. I also am looking forward to the article on Amelia Bedelia, one of my favorite book characters.
    I am glad you brought back the favorite search terms, they were missed.
    I am still cracking up over the tweets you posted, starting with the first one! Hilarious!
    Great job!

    • Cassie says:

      I missed the search terms too. I found that tweet and couldn’t resist putting it up. Really sound advice for women everywhere and bookish women at that. : )

  2. Brianna Soloski says:

    You made my day with the Fitzgerald footage. I am impatiently waiting for Gatsby to release in theaters. Next May is so far away.


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