Project 365 | Week 44 & 45

My life can be summed up into four categories: Love, Teach, Pet, Write.

Day 314 | I Know I am

This is what it means to be a teacher.

I sat him next to a girl who is constantly told how awesome she is.  She literally told me last week that in her house, she’s not allowed to use words that she can’t spell.  That means no Mary Poppins’ fun as a child. (Supercalifragilisticexpeealadocious) He’s awesome too, and apparently, he knows it.  9th graders are ingenious.

Day 315 | Planner


I think this really shows how much I have my priorities in order.  Don’t celebrate your first 9 weeks as a teacher EVER, but do celebrate the candy holiday!

Day 316 | Beer Belly

Cat Nap

My kitten hasn’t mastered sleeping arrangements yet, or maybe she has.  Whatever she does, she takes up the whole couch and I’m squished in the corner.  It’s true, cats have staff.

Day 317 | Obama V. Romney in 9th Grade English

Soap Box Preaching

I gave my students the last 30 minutes of Tuesday to do soap box campaigns.  They each got a minute or two to stand up and prove their point.  While it was animated and theatric, it was also informational.  My students were surprisingly well-informed.  Here’s the board after the soap box.

Day 318 | Bookishness

Nothing less than obsessed with my book stats on goodreads.

It’s like the geekery that I’m supposed to have for facebook, I instead have for book social media. I’m sure you all would agree. : )

Day 319 | Bedtime Skype


I look drunk on tiredness.  I’m sleeping in it with that smile.  However, going to bed with hearts and smiles, there’s no other way.

Day 320 | OMM Writer

OMM Writer

I may not be doing NaNoWriMo, but I’ve written 4,755 words in November on OMM Writer.  After this blog, I’ll be up to 5,000 hopefully. I’m writing a short story that at this point, makes little sense.  It’s just words and eggs and girls in Shakespeare.

Day 321 | First Stockings

Santa, Baby!

The boy and I may be earlier than radio Christmas music, but we have new stockings and a tilted worldview.

Day 322 | Acorn Garland

Fro and the Great Outdoors Come to Christmas

The best thing about raking and blowing the yard all day is finding acorn caps for an acorn garland.  If you don’t have a lot of money and you have a little Christmas tree, you can make your own.  It may look more Charlie Brown than Martha Stewart, but you’ve made something with your own hands and recyclable materials.

Day 333 | Cat Nap

Can’t sleep with the cheeser.

The big cheese went all Wisconsin on Jas’ butt.

Day 334 | Miss Honey

Oh, you know…

Just my Miss Honey moment this week (from Matilda).  Monogrammed cupcakes from 9th graders, who knew they had hearts under all those hormones?

10 thoughts on “Project 365 | Week 44 & 45

  1. Bea says:

    What a great mix of pictures! I may not be able to pick a favorite, OK, Ok, I will go with the tilted Christmas stockings. The Christmas spirit is a wonderful thing, even when it comes early.

    • di @ life of di. says:

      Wow – your Goodreads stats are in impressive. I need to start reading more. I used to always have my head buried in a book but now I only read every few days. I think I’ll have more time to do so now that it’s getting colder outside and there is less and less to do :) also, I love the first stockings picture :) so adorable!

      • Cassie says:

        I think I’m going to have a goal of a page number this coming year instead of a book goal and that way I can read sizable books and not worry about the amount of books – quality v quantity. : ) I wouldn’t worry about numbers of books as long as you’re a reader! : )


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