Project 365 | Week 43

I have finally found my reading rhythm and there will be book reviews starting “on the reg” again.

However, first, there are photos.

Day 304:

What they mean by “fall.”

My yard is the Golden Coral for squirrels.  They are vacationing here, running amuck with squawking birds and stealing seeds from the cardinals.

Day 305:

I’m practicing my college professor.

I had a Shakespeare professor in college that looks like Dr. Phiney, but had this way of writing on the board so that by the end you really had no idea what you just took notes on.  That semester can be summed up as: Shakespeare was a pervert and women couldn’t appear on the stage.

I have to pray every morning that I don’t wake up to be THAT teacher.

This is from my students studying for their To Kill a Mockingbird test. Studying can be fun, see?

Day 306:

We may have lost yesterday, but this door is WINNING.

I come to school at six am, sip my coffee, drop a few things on my way upstairs and then I sit and gaze at this masterpiece.  My students who think they might want to go to State wrote reasons why on those cards.  Keep your fingers crossed that I’ll win the Alumni Door Decorating Contest put on by college central. : )

Day 307:


I know the word “Dagos” to Italians is like the “n-word” to African Americans.  However, I’ve never known anyone to know this word, but my grandfather.  He was jumped in Italy during the war and had PTSD.  When a PTSD spell would come on he would repeat this word while squeezing his hands (he died before I was born, but my mother has told me a lot of stories).  I was both sad and excited to see this word in Jeannette Walls’ Half Broke Horses because it means that someone has a story that connects to mine.  The world is a patchwork quilt of stories, frayed at the seams, yes, but still sewn together.

Day 308:

Laundry Day

If you dread laundry day, you need to come do your wash at my house.

Day 309:

Autumn Red

It was a good day to daydream outside.

Day 310:

J. Beaver

Jasper is just not sure another animal imitating a teen star should be in his house. (Hint=Jasper-Twilight, Justin-Canadian hair idol).

My best friends just know the t-shirts that I should have in my closet for a rainy day.  Thanks Jess!

16 thoughts on “Project 365 | Week 43

  1. Bea says:

    I can see that Jasper was in laundry heaven! As for your Justin Beaver shirt, I can see Jess in that shirt. Good job Jess!
    I hope the fact that we see a picture of acorns and the outdoors, means that you have gone out there with a rake! Unfortunately, you should see our front yard. You can’t see the sidewalk for the leaves. Hopefully on Tuesday, a team effort can get control.
    Great pictures!

    • Cassie says:

      Haha, I will be wearing the beaver mother. : ) The acorns have taken over my yard. I heard the anguish and frustration in daddy’s voice over your yard earlier.

    • Cassie says:

      Isn’t that book amazing? I’ve been trying to read more about people’s grandparents because I’m more than obsessed with my grandparent’s old stories.

      • cookiejarprincess says:

        I’m the same way. I’m obsessed with what happened before me, that helped shape the world I see. And, “The world is a patchwork quilt of stories, frayed at the seams, yes, but still sewn together.”, = amazing. You have such a wonderful gift with words.


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