Project 365 | Week 42

Day 297:

Like Mother like Daughter

On my parents recent trip to Florida, my mom looked through my Uncle’s suitcase full of pictures.  My mom is always saying that I look like my father’s side, but I think this proves otherwise.  My mother is beautiful and that top is so in right now. : )  She’s 29 in this picture and I’m 24 currently.

Day 298:

Quote of the Day

Everyday on my board, I put a “quote of the day.”  Friday it was Dumbledore and tomorrow it will be Anne Frank.  My students sometimes like to choose the quotes so I know at the very least, they’re reading the board.  My students are turning the 98% of them that is water into 98% that is words.

Day 299:

Four words: Fried Girl Scout Cookies

Every year another fried food is added to the list of fried foods sold at the NC State Fair.  Last year, it was essential that I had fried mac&cheese which tasted like spiced cheesy rubber.  This year it was fried Samoas.  I refuse to call them “Caramel Delights.”  Again, I wasn’t satisfied.  There’s nothing better still, than a fried oreo.

Day 300:


I couldn’t resist hanging this on the fridge when it came in one of my mother’s letters.  My grandmother in rollers and short shorts holding a string of fish.  If that doesn’t yell, STRONG WOMAN, I don’t know what does.

Day 301:

This is why snail mail will never die.

Z and I are single-handedly keeping the post office alive.

Day 302:


I instagrammed my father.  He just learned how to google.

Day 303:

Prometheus (Ridley Scott Picture Credit)

Oh, you know, just spent two hours of my day after watching this movie, discussing with my boyfriend whether aliens existed and evolution was real and the major questions of the universe.

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