Project 365 | Week 37

This week is still the story of cats.  I know you all don’t want to see anymore cats, you can practically smell the cats through my screen, but I can’t help it – they’ve literally started finding me.

Day 258:

Why is a Raven like a Writing Desk? Purchased from CandleBrightCreations

New Alice ring made out of an old silver spoon.  I can only hope someone it to spin sugar into tea.

Day 259:

Cask of Amontillado

I taught Cask of Amontillado for our short story unit and had a corny moment of showing this poster to my class.  POP CULTURE POE! I so wish I could share my class’ “Poe-esque raps” because they were unbelievable.

Day 260:

Yep, those are cat bookmarks.

I am teaching cliches/stereotypes.  What’s a bigger cliche than an English Teacher who collects hoards of cats.  Cat bookmarks were needed for this lesson.  Yes, they have different facial expressions; “I iz mad, I iz confused, I iz anxious, I iz giggling.”

Day 261:

Persepolis by Marjane Satrapi

My reading has severely dwindled since I started teaching, however, I did finish Persepolis this week.  This was one of my favorite images from the graphic novel.

Day 262:


I went to the 9th grade game because half of the team spends a period with me during the day studying the English Language.  They won 24-0.  My students are beast at their desks, and on the gridiron field.

Day 263:

It’s like they know I’m here.

I was spooked this week by two beady eyed creatures of the night.

I’m slowly building a colony.

Meet me on the next Animal Hoarders.

I could do this all day…

Day 264:

Yard Work

I didn’t realize when you buy a house, you buy the yard.  I have an acre and because of that, my family has blisters.

26 thoughts on “Project 365 | Week 37

  1. The Other Watson says:

    Oh wow you have an acre? That is a bit of work! I technically don’t have a garden at all in my little place, just a little courtyard, and three balconies, two with good views and one with a really lame view haha. But I would love an acre or two…the things I could do with it all!
    You sound like you’re doing an amazing job with your teaching, clearly very passionate which is a good thing, as I think students always respond positively to that. :)

    • Cassie says:

      Yes, an acre. And I thought it was going to be awesome and I would have a garden and everything. (Maybe next summer). Right now, I’m just trying to stay afloat by sweeping leaves with my parents and having the boyfriend mow the lawn, haha. : ) I can’t wait for all the leaves to turn though and see them bright and beautiful.

      I think teaching is 80% trying and 20% succeeding. I love walking in that classroom and seeing what I have that day and what the students can tell me. It’s like a new job everyday! : )

      • The Other Watson says:

        Yeah, I guess the acre would be more of a long term project, not something you can fix up and mould to your vision overnight. But you have something to work with when you have the time and energy, I guess. :)
        And that’s so very true about teaching. But those little successes make it worth it, I think. I’ve had a lot of those little successes this last couple of months, which has really reignited my passion for teaching again (you’d be amazed how up and down it has been for only 2 years into the career).

      • Cassie says:

        Oh, I’m not surprised at all. I feel like I’m on a roller coaster every week. One good day, one terrible day, one great day, one wonderful day, one want-to-shoot-your-face-off day. I totally understand. Maybe I’ll make a rough sketch of how I want my yard eventually and that will help – thanks for the great idea!

    • Cassie says:

      Oh my gosh – I googled the image and LOVE IT. I wouldn’t be able to show it to my students, but I found so many cool Poe things for my Pop Culture Poe hook. : ) I could maybe share the raps without names. I’m not sure. They were so great, I really want to!

  2. Bea says:

    I think we should name the white one Snowflake and the light orange one, Peachy-Keen! Back to reality now, two cats are plenty for anyone, so these two should just be visiting guests.
    My blisters appreciate the “raking” picture, and your welcome. I look forward to you next book review. Teaching is all consuming, but give yourself 15 minutes to enjoy your 1st love, reading!

  3. RebeccaScaglione says:

    If you go on Animal Hoarders, please don’t be one of those people that doesn’t know they have a skeletal cat in the house! I don’t even like cats (dog person all the way) but I get so depressed when they find those!

    And good luck getting your yard put together!

  4. emmabolden says:

    I never comment on your blog because I read all of your entries through e-mail and then I feel really bad. Now I am commenting to say that and also to say EVERY WEEK SHOULD BE THE STORY OF CATS, which is the most important thing I think I’ll ever say.


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