Project 365 | Week 35

Guys, I was seasick most of the morning and laid on a couch fanning myself like Cleopatra and holding a palm over my mouth.  I think you should try to forgive this being a day late. If not, it’s five o’clock somewhere.

Day 244:

Lights of the Night

I felt like I was in a Kanye West song when this shutter shot came out.

Day 245:

Man’s Best Friend

Two boys and an ocean.

Day 246:

Conch Homie

I feel like this moment was Little Mermaid and I was Ariel (minus the cave of forks).

Day 247:

Labor Day Weekend

And then you feel like Jimmy Buffet. It was 5 o’clock here.

Day 247:

“I’m a Superhero at Night” – My First Period Sx Word Memoirist, S.

I told him he should learn to ride like a girl.

Full Frontal Salt Water Eyes

I want you to know that I’m still sore from this.  It’s been a hard weekend of trying to put pants on and having my arm pits and shoulders ache.

Day 248:


I just loved this photo.  Pink sky, young fisherman.

Day 249:

Storm Clouds

You have no idea how bad I wanted to be an MTV video girl and lounge-out in my bikini at the bough of this boat.  Or…you know…just have a Titanic moment…

Birthday Boy

Only he would spend his birthday on the water.

Happy Birthday Porpoise

And then the finned creatures came to say “hellouuuuu!”

Here’s to Labor Day: Good Friends, Good Jobs and Hoping the Economy Gets Better. 

10 thoughts on “Project 365 | Week 35

  1. Bea says:

    I was happy to see you posted your 365 photos, even though a bit late. You definitely took some nice shots, love the conch picture and the “tubing”, although it doesn’t look like a tube. We had a quiet, work filled, Labor Day, and so I am pleased that someone was enjoying the beautiful outdoors.


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