Project 365 | Week 33

Day 230:

Philpott Dam, VA

I’ve never been to Hoover Dam so this was huge and brilliant for me in all its concrete, mega-industrial glory.

Day 231:

My favorite classroom poster. : )

Mixing Neil Gaiman with inspiring classroom decorations – What more could you want?

Day 232:

Drunk on Rock

I think the caption says it all.

Day 233:

Of Cats and Books

I found the Cat Writers’ Association.  I think this needs to be their mascot photo.

Day 234:

Classroom Plants

Now my students can breathe and I can talk about The Lorax who speaks for the trees because trees have no tongues. Also, Lowes gives away plants at the end of the summer that they don’t think will survive.  You can rejuvenate!

Day 235:

Instead of posting the naked truth that was “Wanderlust” with Jennifer Aniston, or posting the photos of my parents faces afterwards, I will just post this tweet as a warning.  YOU HAVE BEEN FOREWARNED!

Day 236:

Easy Bake Oven

Fantasy Football Live Draft AKA my morning stress routine.

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