Project 365 | Week 32

Instead of doing this by day, I’m just going to show you how pretty the wilderness is, and history, and standing on a mountain graffitied with love stories.

I believe these are days 222-229.

First, we went to Floyd, VA.

Floyd Arts & Yoga

We spent the week(ish) in & around Fairystone State Park.  At the top of the mountain is Floyd, VA.  We met bluegrass and yoga there.  I’ve never been a yoga gal – my mom does sun salutations every morning, but I’ve never started.  I want to go back to Floyd and say hello to the mountain using my body, folding my legs and arms, bringing my face up to the sky and thanking the world for such wonder. Thank you, Floyd.

Bob White Covered Bridge

Virginia is for lovers, standing in the clear of the creek, brushing bare toes against skipping stones and being a shadow in the oval space of an open door.

Lover’s Leap, VA

Had to take the honorary chaco’s shot.  Walking the world in strapped sandals, talking to cows through the metal fence.

Nancy’s Chocolate Warehouse

What’s a stop to the mountains without checking out the local goods.  Truffles are my weakness, they even have a cute name. It’s like you want to tie a bow to them and hang them on a Christmas tree branch.

Mabry Mill

One of the only places in the US that still makes millstones.  A little history mixed with a little literature never hurt anyone, in fact the two go hand in hand.

My favorite photo from Mabry Mill

I used to believe that my dolls wanted to look out the window if they weren’t turned towards one another and having a conversation.  This doll has dreams of wrapping her scarf tight around her neck and climbing through a soft yawn.

My very first winery.

I’ve never been a wino, but definitely a whine-o.  I love the grape bunches.  They remind me of kings and girls with large green leaves fanning the sweat from their foreheads.

Not sure where we are, just some wild adventure.

“All our wisdom comes from the trees.”  All our our longing comes from the water.

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