Project 365 | Week 31

No shortage of photos this week, bah! There are book reviews coming – I promise! Moving has taken the reading out of me, but I’m back on the couch with a blanket and some tea.  Plus, come on, you have to spend majority of your day watching the Olympics.

Day 214:

Sweet Boy and Sweet Cat

There’s a cat that seems to have adopted our stoop as its new home.  My dad has been secretly giving it treats for about a week and when my mom gets the newspaper in the dark of the early-morning, the cat is still there purring.

Mom’s Attic

This was my first U-Haul so we thought we needed to document.  An hour later all we here is, “Can I put this dresser in yet?”  because he so badly wanted to help.

Dirty Toes

Jack Johnson needs to write a song about this.

Day 215:

One Sock McGee

Rolling the regal raspberry room a fourth time.  So much paint on one sock, so little on the other.  Either way, my mother is adorable.  There’s a dwarf somewhere named after her.

Day 216:

Wall Stencil

Excuse my disgusting hair-do, but DO remember to be happy.

Day 217:

Jas has found his spot.

The bay window is now Jas’ honey spot.

Handsome Bush Beau

My bush beau watching us rake and plant.  My dad called me a “water baby” all week because I was in charge of power-washing the spiders back into the woods.

Day 218:


Every bookish girl needs a library room.  Even if it’s just a closet. (This is not a closet, but I am all for taking every closet in your house and removing the coats and old socks and adding books and poetry).

Day 219:

Front Room

This room has so much of my family in it, and my mother and I moved that couch by ourselves.  It was heavy and we had to flip it over.  Afterwards, we did a double hug-high-five.  We really just need our own handshake.

Day 220:

Meet Fromage

Jasper is completely smitten.  He is in love with this little cheese.

“Let me tell ya bout my best fraaaaaand!”

Fro doesn’t think that he’s her type.  Jasper is a cat that grows on ya though.

Day 221:

Fromage’ First Photobooth

Baby’s First PhotoBooth. Ah, Mac kitty.


We’ve been calling her “little bit” and “fro” so she really has no idea what her name is.

I will be back in full-force with reviews this week folks.   Get ready to read!

59 thoughts on “Project 365 | Week 31

  1. maedez says:

    I love your library! I totally agree that every bookish girl needs a library room. Mine is in my studio. Being surrounded by books aids my creativity. Plus it is oddly comforting to look up and see books everywhere!

  2. Bea says:

    I can see that Fromage is going to be quite the Princess Cheese when it comes to photos. I especially love the one of the two of them.
    The move has gone well, YEAH!, thank you God!, now on to being a great teacher! Much luck to you.

    • Cassie says:

      I thought you’d like that photo of them laying together – if only I could get them to cuddle now! Jas has been giving her many baths. YAY — TEACHING! Thanks, Momma!

    • Cassie says:

      Thank you! I did the library last because I knew it would take me the longest. I decided to put them up by their genre so that was interesting. Bah!

      • Cassie says:

        I think they will be bookshelves for a bit and then scattered book piles on the floor. I live in organized chaos. (Don’t let my mom read this. Surely, I will clean before she visits).

      • The Other Watson says:

        Hahahaha, yeah, that sounds a looot like me. Although my housemate is officially moving out now so I have so much room I might be able to organise things more properly. Or I might remain in the organised chaos which I not-so-secretly love. :P

      • The Other Watson says:

        *Du du du duuuunnn, du du du duuuunnn* Well I’ve been living alone really for a couple of months, but she left all her stuff here bahaha. But now she’s taking her stuff and I’m realising I need to buy a bit more furniture. I just rebought a lot of my kitchen the other day (lucky I found it all for super cheap). Oh by the way it’s my sis who’s moving out, I can’t remember if I said that. But yes, now my true self shall come out in all its fury….*cracks open a bottle of wine*….(the ultimate stereotype, a teacher/writer who drinks, haha)

      • Cassie says:

        Your sister didn’t leave you with any furniture – how dare she. It is like the woman to have the kitchen supplies though, huh? That’s exciting though – you grow up with your sister so you must want to live alone for a while. I’m sure you’ll miss her though. I’m going to terribly miss my parents and I feel insane just saying that.

      • The Other Watson says:

        Hahaha well she’s leaving me with some couches, and I have my own bookshelves and a (much smaller) cabinet to sit my (much bigger) TV on. But I’ll be buying my own desks, kitchen tables, and probably more bookcases. It’s not too bad really, and she’s paying rent until she’s completely moved out which won’t be for a couple of months yet (she’s squeezing into her boyfriend’s place which is much smaller). I think it will be nice to live alone – I was considering getting a housemate but actually I think no matter who it was they’d drive me insane. I can afford to live alone on a teacher’s salary so I might as well enjoy it. But I will miss her, as I do my family, even though they’re not so far away (at the moment…I sense a big move on the cards with me within the next couple of years though).
        How far from your parents are you?

      • Cassie says:

        Ouuuu – you get to buy your own desk! That is so exciting! What are you going to buy? There’s so many options! I wonder if they have Ikea in AUS, that would be a great place to get bookshelves – they’re so pretty and not too expensive. Is she sad to leave the bigger space for the boyfriend’s space?

        I think you’ll like living alone because you have total control of your time and yourself.

        I live two hours away from my family which isn’t far, but isn’t really a drive I just want to do for dinner one day. You know?

      • The Other Watson says:

        Ah yes, we do have Ikea here, there’s one in Sydney so fairly close by. The bookshelves I already have are pine, so I might try and keep my other furniture the same – I find it’s very warm and cosy furniture. I can’t decide what kind of desk I want, actually. I’m considering getting a dining table and a study desk. I think she’s happy to be moving in there, but more just perplexed about how she’s going to do it.
        I agree, I think I’ll like living alone. And I mean, it’ll be for a relatively short part of my life no doubt, so I’ll enjoy it while I can.
        I do know what you mean, it’s just far enough that it does feel far in a lot of ways. I love driving but 2 hours is a daytrip, at the least. :P

      • Cassie says:

        I think pine is cozy and gorgeous! Good choice. You have to think about your desk because that’s where you will write your great masterpieces!

      • The Other Watson says:

        The only downside about pine is it’s a bit pricier…but I plan on keeping this furniture for a while…even taking it overseas with me if that’s where my future beckons.
        You make a good point about the desk, too…hmmm. ;)

    • Cassie says:

      Thank you dear. I’m sure I’ll be writing to you about what a stressful adventure the move was. The cats are loving one second and terrors the next. It’s a new day though so we will see!

  3. James says:

    Cassie! I LOVE your furniture and cats! (especially the Eastlake armchair with the extra-long footer–was the footer original?!!–and the floral rocker in your reading room. That was a BIG couch for you and your mom to move by yourselves!

    • Cassie says:

      I know – I feel like we proved we were strong when we moved the couch. WOMEN POWER! Hahaha. And thank you – yes the footer is original – amazing. We have a great antique store here that has wonderful prices!

  4. jperrykelly says:

    Cassie! I LOVE your cats and furniture–especially the Eastlake armchair and the floral rocker in your reading room! Is the extra long footer with the Eastlake armchair original? I’m curious because I once reupholstered a four piece Eastlake parlor set (we named after “The Munsters”) in almost the same shade of fabric as yours. That was a BIG sofa your mother and you moved by yourselves. No wonder you were sore and proud of the effort. I hope you’re comfortable & getting settled. Good luck with the job!

    • Cassie says:

      I love that you named your chair! I had no idea it was “Eastlake armchair” at all. I have an almost matching Settee that is a raspberry color – it’s in my study which I didn’t put up here. It is the original (I think). Really you can’t trust me on any of this because I thought the price was great so we got them. I also love mixing antique furniture with modern furniture and so that’s what you get in my house. I love that you had the same shade of fabric – it’s this golden yellow that’s the color of egg yolk but shines orange for some reason.

      Thank you for all the kind words. I am getting more settled and as soon as I finish reading for school and getting things prepared – I will be cracking open the Cassandra.

  5. Let's CUT the Crap! says:

    Love your house, your library and the cats even though they are second only to your library. In a little over a week, this is only the second time I’ve seen a brindle cat. All your furry friends are gorgeous.

    • Cassie says:

      Aw, well thank you lady! She’s really adorable. I knew when I went to the SPCA that I wanted a brindle cat. She’s very tiny though and I’m constantly worried I’m going to step on her. I do love the library – and so do the cats. They think the chair is very comfortable! : )

  6. jperrykelly says:

    Yep. They’re Little Eddie, Grandpa, Lillie, and Herman. Have you seen “The Munsters”? They were similar to “The Adams Family.” We also have an “Albert” (a federal armchair), a “William,” (Duncan Phyfe sofa), “George and Martha” (an Empire rocker and matching armchair), a “Vicky” (short for Queen Victoria–a R. Revival lady’s chair) and
    “Elizabeth” ( miss-named Gone-with-the-Wind fainting couch:<)

    We also name our squirrels, hummingbirds, scrub jays, deer, and the occasional black bear if they're nice and they wander through more than once a week.

    Yes, we ARE eccentric (to say the least. In other words, creating 'my' Cassandra didn't stretch my creative powers:<). At the same time, we reupholstered several of these at once–all were treasures found in junk stores or worse–and it was lots easier for my wife to point to fabric and say "I like this for Eddie and that for Vicky and maybe that over there for Albert." See? Method to our madness. I'm GLAD you're getting settled, and THANK YOU for sharing your pictures!

    • Cassie says:

      I think this naming of things is wonderful. I feel like I’ve seen The Munsters but maybe I was confusing it with The Adams Family. I feel like I’ve seen it though, I really do. That’s AMAZING that you reupholstered yourself. We bought the chair and the settee because they were just recently reupholstered and they looked lovely. My dad was there with me when we were picking out furniture. They are also surprisingly comfortable. I like to think of myself as the Ms. Havisham of the 21st century with more cats and less big, heavy, mourning dresses. : )

      I think you should post some of your furniture – you did a lot of work! And tell your wife – good job!

      • James says:

        LOL! Thanks! It was many years ago–William and the Washingtons need redone:<) The important thing is you're not Estella driving your poor Pip crazy.

    • Cassie says:

      It’s really lovely. It’s the quietest place in my house – a place just for me. : ) Make a closet into one – just take the towel shelves out and make a nook.

      • jperrykelly says:

        Great pics from VA! A long time ago, Selene and I went to Harper’s Ferry (twice) in WVA. Beautiful hills and the world’s very best box huckleberries! Yum! If you’re ever there…cross the walk bridge over the Potomac; then climb the path on the south-facing slope on the northern bank. Watch as you near the top for clumps of red berries growing to the right of the path.
        Glad you had a fun time!

      • Cassie says:

        Selene is so lucky. It sounds like you two have had many adventures together. I will have to follow the path you’ve written here and do this – like a map to buried treasure. : )

  7. di @ life of di. says:

    I love your library :) We have our dining room and library combined at the moment but I one day hope to have a special room for our library – even if it’s combined with the office. It is kind of cool to have our books out in the open though!

    • Cassie says:

      Yea that is cool. I like to see them everyday so I try to read just a little in there every night. It’s really relaxing being surrounded by all those books. : )

      • Cassie says:

        Haha it can’t get any better except I can’t really do any of those things! I’ve been at school from 7 to 7 bahhh! Tonight was Open House so I was kind of losing my mind. How is the re-write going?! I’m excited to hear!

      • jperrykelly says:

        Hi Cassie!

        Bummer about being at school all day! How’s the job?

        The rewrite isn’t bad–I’ve completed chapters 20 thru 30 plus the first seven. I’m jumping around so my brain focuses on individual scenes and not the story. Reading it in .mobi helps because it offers a highlight feature and seeing the text in different fonts and formats helps to overcome seeing what I expect to see in the same old MS Word.

        You’ve had so many changes in your life lately. Are you finding a norm?



        Ps. Hope you're happy & well!

      • Cassie says:

        Wow, you are on a roll with this rewrite. The job is going wonderful – I really love it. I met most of my kids and their parents at open house last night and they were all lovely.

        That’s awesome there’s a high light feature because you can really see what you’re doing. I haven’t found a norm yet, but we’re getting there (me and the cats that is).


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