Newsday Tuesday

It’s almost MOVING DAY folks, so bare with me.  We all look a little like this:

My adorable nephew loving the U-Haul in the driveway. It is officially an alien ship.

Favorite Tweets:

Favorite Search Terms:

  • bird model girl: I wish I was a bird model girl.
  • french children’s story cassie and be be: Claire do you know what story this is? I would like a copy!
  • I refuse to sink: It always amazes me what people google.  I feel like I should write, “Call the hotline.”
  • mexican chicken noodle soup: I’m definitely intrigued by this.  Is it like spicy chicken and beans in a noodle soup fashion?
  • lightsaber coloring pages: When you find these, let me know so I can make my nephew into a young padawan. Also, did everyone know that wikipedia has something called “wookiepedia” where I just found out how to properly spell padawan.
  • beauty and the beast library: See Image to Right.

    Marry the Beast, Get the Library.

  • beetlejuice book of the recently deceased: you are my hero.

Books News:

9 thoughts on “Newsday Tuesday

    • Cassie says:

      Honestly, so far it is incredibly boring. I’m only 80 pages in though so I’m not sure. I love Alice Hoffman. I’ve never read a book by her that I didn’t like so I have high hopes still.

    • Cassie says:

      I will have to search around and see. He needs to learn some language since he’s so young and he can pick it up. My brother is teaching him a bit of German. : )

      I hung up your three cards today – they look lovely!


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