Newsday Tuesday

Favorite Tweets:

Favorite Search Terms:

  • slug vowel movement: While I know this person misplaced the b somewhere and wound up with a v, this is still a funny search term.  A vowel movement.  It would be as slow as a slug and leave behind a little letter grease.
  • literary disco: I want Edgar Allen Poe to be there.
  • oak tree house reading: The City of Oaks (Raleigh) should build a tree house for reading in Moore Square.  That would be fabulous and need fabulous pillows for sitting in a nook and page-flippin’.  Pay me when this happens.
  • six year old dilly dally: I have a four year old nephew who is a master at this.  Would you like him?
  • u don’t trust me quotes: No, sweetheart, he just believes in having a girlfriend who is grammatically correct and/or uses spell check.

Book News:

3 thoughts on “Newsday Tuesday

  1. Bea says:

    I say get a great job and build or buy your own library! Who needs the Beast. He will just distract you from your great book.
    I enjoyed your tweets this week, and of course all the good news sites. Thank you!

    • Cassie says:

      I always save them to evernote so I can read them when I have a free five minutes. It’s wonderful because I have it on my phone and my computer.


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