Project 365 | Week 28

You know how this goes; photos of my week that usually end up being 7 pictures of my cat.

Day 192:

Skype Date

He’s cute when he’s that far away.

Day 193:

Ms. M’s 9th Grade Room

I present to you, the first shot of my empty classroom.  I have two wall size windows.  That means in a few short weeks twenty-five kids will be zoning out to highway sounds.

Day 194:


Two months ago I started this project.  After too much nonsense to even type here,  I painted it peach when I thought it was white and stenciled these lovely Martha Stewart delicates onto it.  You can’t get much more 24 & girly than that.

Day 195:

Fur Homie

I iz adorbs?

“Call Me Maybe” Side Pony

This reminds me of summer camp.

Day 196:

Loudest. Raindrop. Ever.

I was in the underbelly of a bridge when a circus-act raindrop splattered on my window.  I kid you not, it was the gunshot, firework, elephant, tornado, of raindrops.

Day 197:

Genetically Modified Deerbunnie

Found only in the forests where Deliverance was filmed, we present to you here, the deerbunnie.  It is a cute, furry, white-tailed species known to have a twelve point antler rack nestled just next to its floppy ears.  Scientists are performing tests in New Mexico and have found that the deerbunnie prefers off-key banjo music.  Tune in here for further details.

Furlock Holmes

This is what Jasper thinks of me reading my poetry aloud.

This is his bed and he will have no rhymes, line breaks, or stanzas interrupting his beauty sleep.  Some good alliteration done in a British accent is however, always welcome.

Day 198:

Corn Determination

The look of pure corn determination.  The inventor of odd poops: my nephew and his cob.

Pre-Frat Comb Over

Jack was trying to look like Pa pre-bald spot.

(Yes I did just figure out how much fun the strike-through can be).

12 thoughts on “Project 365 | Week 28

  1. Bea says:

    I just love that pre-frat hairdo!, and Jasper has been quite the photo hog hasn’t he? Your bed, though cream colored, has turned out so pretty. It took 4 people to do it, but it looks like it was worth it.
    I look forward to pictures of your class room when you are done decorating it with all of your poetic and literature-ish ideas. Be sure to put some up.

  2. baileyiswriting says:

    “Deerbunny”! That’s a hilarious name for that thing. It’s called a Jackalope. (I really can’t tell if you know that or not — it’s equally likely you just like calling them “deerbunnies” because that’s a funny name.) But obviously they were once abundant in New Mexico, and now are very sneaky and sly. (I’m from NM, if you didn’t know that. I know loads about the jackalope. Most of it I make up on the spot like everyone else from NM.)

    • Cassie says:

      Oh my gosh!! Bailey!! I did not even know that – I thought someone literally glued antlers to a bunny just for show. THAT IS AWESOME. How did they come about? I’m really cautious to say this but did an antlered creature (antelope?) mate with a jack rabbit or something. I’m shocked that these things exist in real life and I feel like a bit of a dummy.

      Are they still abundant or endangered? I feel like hunters would definitely be after that especially if it’s found only around NM.

      You HAVE to put one of these in a short story or your novel. I know you’re writing, but you just have to – it’s too fascinating and unreal to not include!

    • Cassie says:

      Okay so after I made that comment I used wikipedia and you are TOTALLY pulling my leg. YOU SNEAKER! Hahaha. It’s a myth! However, the myth is pretty good especially when the “real reason” these rabbits may have antlers was some horrible disease.

      • baileyiswriting says:

        Oh, Cassie! I didn’t think you’d take the “abundant” part seriously! We really do call them jackalopes, but they really are just antlers glued to bunny heads. But there is a whole mythology around them, and it’s just such a part of my culture that I kind of am used to making up things about them in line with their mythos.

        But your comment just made my whole day. I wasn’t trying to pull your leg! I figured you’d realize it was still a fake animal, just a fake animal with a name.

      • Cassie says:

        Haha I have a tendancy to believe in mythical creatures (like the unicorn) and so I was like is this for real. Clearly, I should have used the google machine. I’m also SO GULLIBLE. You remember that joke in third grade where someone would say, “Hey, Gullible is written on the ceiling!” We’ll I’m the kid who always looked up and got pinched.

        Even through all that, I love a good myth so thank you for sharing! I’m glad I could make your day. : ) Plus, it’s great that you were able to share that with me (even if I didn’t get the joke part) because you grew up in NM and you got to play a joke on this East Coast girl! I have a good friend Allie who grew up in NM (she totally believes in aliens) and I’m going to ask her about it. Then I’ll tell her this story. : )


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